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CBI-dagen Sören

  1. 1. CBI’s Consortium for Innovative Growth 2011-2012 Kick-off meeting September 22nd, 2011 Center for Business Innovation Innovation Engineering and Management Chalmers University of Technology Sweden 12/6/2011
  2. 2. Agenda Format Companies People Process Methods Challenges & Results (so far)
  3. 3. Consortia Format Focus: Enhancing profitable growth “Client: 6 growth companies/year “Intermediaries” 3 incubators Time for dev. process: 1 year+ Business development teams: 1/company Development mode; Collaborative Method/approach; systematic , “customer development” Time period; Oct 2009-Sept 2011 12/6/2 3
  4. 4. Consortia Company Examples 12/6/2 4
  5. 5. MicVac – readymade food pac systemsThe company was founded in 2000.MicVac offers the food industry an unique solution for the production and packaging of convenience food with maintained taste and nutrition.The offer consists of a microwave tunnel, packaging materialand expertise when developing new productsAmong customers are Nestlé, Rieber & Søn andWitterstrands.Project participants: CEO Philip Nordell andHead of Sales Johan Zetterberg
  6. 6. Oxeon – spread tow reinforcementsFounded in 2003.Oxeon develops, produces and markets patented spread tow carbonreinforcements that give users better surface finish, weight reduction anddesign possibilities.Among customers are Ferrari, Nike Bauerand Asia Seiko.Project participants: CEO Henrik Olofssonand Business Development ManagerAndreas Josefsson
  7. 7. Oxeon – Fastest growing profitablecompany 2010 12/6/2 7
  8. 8. Hemsida:http://www.heliospectra.comOffering:Heliospectra’s patented system can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% in greenhouseswhile at the same time producing a crop that looks better, tastes better and has a longer shelf-life. In addition growth can be increased or slowed down which results in a controlledadjustment of product to demand.Customer:Greenhouses, researchersProject Participants:Staffan Hillberg, CEOTessa Pocock, Director of Research
  9. 9. Hemsida:http://www.admeta.comOffering:Admeta is a leading provider of online ad platforms in Europe. We are an independenttechnology provider that maximises revenue for our customers and help them work moreefficiently.Customer:Publishers and advertisersProject Participants:Ola Tiverman, CEO
  10. 10. Affärsutvecklingsteam VD - projektledare VDs närmaste medarbetare 1 serieentreprenör 1 affärscoach från inkubator 1 CBI - processledare
  11. 11. Serial entrepreneurs Rickard von Horn Johan Sköld Göran Netzler Sven Sandberg Lennart Svantesson Magnus Wennerholm
  12. 12. Incubator coaches  Anett Kansanen  Henrik Jansson  Markus Bredberg  Per Stenman  Timo Lehes
  13. 13. Center for Business Innovation  Sören Sjölander  Henrik Berglund  Jonas Hjerpe  Ivan Angsvik
  14. 14. Process for Customer Centric Business Innovation ?
  15. 15. Innovation is the process (or its result) bywhich something new and valuable isbrought into the market and into widespreaduse by customers at mutual benefit/profit
  16. 16. Process for Customer Centric Business Innovation BM Basic Training and ProjectProject start Growth planning BM Trials Results Challenge IdentificationSep Okt Nov Dec Jan Feb Mars Apr Maj Juni Juli Aug
  17. 17. BM Basic Training and ProjectProject start Growth planning BM Trials Results Challenge Identification Sep Oct Opening meeting Palo Alto Sep 22 kl 17- 18.30 Oct 10-14 5 days
  18. 18. BM Basic Training and ProjectProject start Growth planning BM Trials Results Challenge Identification Oct Nov Dec Business Model Workshop Students Sven - Marketing Dorf - Customer Customer discoveryCustomer Discovery Planning meet strategy & customer Development presentation Canvas 1.0 companies insighting 29 Nov 8 Dec Kl 13-17 1 Nov? Kl 13-15 Oct 27-28 10-11 Nov Kl 8-16 Kl 8-16 Cutomer discovery Kl 8-13 student presentation (at companies) Innan 7 Dec
  19. 19. BM Basic Training and ProjectProject start Growth planning BM Trials Results Challenge Identification Dec Jan Canvas 2.0 Presentation Creation of project plan Jan 25 Kl 8-13
  20. 20. BM Basic Training and ProjectProject start Growth planning BM Trials Results Challenge Identification Feb Mar Apr May Sales – Johan Sköld Joint Workshop 1 Joint Workshop 2 Joint Workshop 3 1,5 days including 0,5day lecture, Canvas 3.0 Canvas 4.0 Canvas 5.0 1d ay sales process evaluation, identification of areas of Feb 22 Mar21 Apr18 improvement Kl 8-13 Kl 8-13 Kl 8-13 16 Maj Kl 8-16 17 Maj Kl 8-13
  21. 21. BM Basic Training and ProjectProject start Growth planning BM Trials Results Challenge Identification Jun Jul Aug Preliminary Final project reporting results Aug 21 Jun 13 Kl 8-16 Kl 8-16
  22. 22. Process for Customer Centric Business Innovation BM Basic Training and ProjectProject start Growth planning BM Trials Results Challenge IdentificationSep Okt Nov Dec Jan Feb Mars Apr Maj Juni Juli Aug
  23. 23. Kick of inPalo Alto 23
  24. 24. Palo Alto
  25. 25. APPROACH12/6/2 25
  26. 26. Focus: Innovating the Business Model key value customer activities proposition relationships key customerpartners segments cost revenuestructure key streams resources channels (c)2010 K+S Ranch Consulting Inc. 26
  27. 27. Customer Discovery, Validation, Creation Customer Customer Customer Company Discovery Validation Creation Building Do-Over (c)2010 K+S Ranch Consulting Inc. 27
  28. 28. A Deeper Look atCustomer Discovery Customer Phase 3 Phase 4 Discovery Test Verify, Iterate & Product Expand Hypothesis To Validation Phase 1 Phase 2 Test Problem Hypothesis Hypothesis
  29. 29. Challenges - results To really commit having tons of conversations with customers without selling only focus delivery on learning All companies learnt important and surprising stuff for their business model once they got into it: – New category definition, different position – Skip old slow segments, got into new agile ones – New revenue models – Other products and services (train controll etc) Results: So far very good. In depth analysis will be done during 2012 12/6/2 29
  30. 30. Icomera – internet onboardIcomera was founded in1999. The company designs and manufacturestechnology which bridges Wi-Fi and ethernet with mobile networks,enabling internet access on among others cargo and passengerrailway transports.Among customers are Greyhound, SJ, GNER and Arriva.Project participants: CEO Michael Sigvardsson and Executive VicePresident Frederik Gustafsson.
  31. 31. NanoFactory – nano-toolsNanoFactory was founded in 1999.The company offers users of transmission electron microscopes tools thatenable measuring and manipulation of small samples while at the sametime observing them.Among customers are Harvard, Stanford,Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, and Samsung.Project participants: CEO Mikael von Dorrienand CTO Johan Angenete
  32. 32. Qbtech – Neurological diagnostic tools, ADHD & ParkinsonQbtech develops and markets a computer basedtest for objective clinical evaluation and assessmentof treatment effects for ADHD and Parkinson’s disease.The company was founded in 2002.The company’s existing customers areJansen-Cilag, Lily, Lundbeck and state-runand private psychiatric clinics.Project participants: CEO Niklas Prager andExecutive Vice President Carl Reuterskiöld
  33. 33. Vehco – Driver and fleet management supportVehco’s offer is the product Co-Driver,a mobile computer which communicateswith a monitoring device at the office.This enables, among others,lower fuel costs and a more effectiveorder handling.Among customers are Carlsberg, Arlaand many of the larger Swedish haulagefirms.Project participants: CEO Magnus Orrebrantand Product Marketing Manager Magnus Gunnergård
  34. 34. Abinitio - Sound absorbent, decorativetextiles for public, technical, and commercial environmentsThe company was founded in 2008.Abinitio offers the market sound absorbent, decorative textiles.Project participants: CEO Marie Richardsson and Per Claessonwww.abinitio.se
  35. 35. Aluwave – Intelligent modules and lighting systems based on LED technologyThe company was founded in 2000.Aluwave has developed a solution that more efficiently takes the heat away from thetemperature sensitive LED components. The main benefits of this are enhanced technicalperformance, reduced power consumption, increased reliability and service life and simplifieddesign with reductions in assembly and component cost.Most of the customers are in the field of LED-lamps and can be found in theautomotive, design, general, medical, sports and work light industry.Project participants: CEO Jonas Stålhandske and CTO Jörgen Kjellströmwww.aluwave.com
  36. 36. Imego – The path between world-classresearch and industrializationImego was founded in 1999.The institute offers customers research in micro- andnanotechnology and also products based on this research.Customers are mainly Swedish SMEs.Project participants: CEO Bill Brox, Gert Anderssonand Peter Björkholmwww.imego.com
  37. 37. Lumen Radio - Wireless solutions for the lighting industryThe company was founded in 2003.Lumen Radio develops, produces and markets wireless lighting controls. The offeredcustomer value is reliability, ease of use and cost efficiency. Lumen Radio’s wirelesssystem is the first system on the market which automatically adapts to its environment,preventing it from interfering with other wireless communication.Project participants: CEO Per Hulthén, CTO Niclas Norlén och Anders Ardstål.www.lumenradio.com
  38. 38. Mindmancer – Technology for cost-effective cameramonitoring with emphasis on integrity protectionThe company was founded in 2006.Mindmancer develops software for cost efficient camera monitoring. Advanced imageprocessing and adaptive algorithms enable better detecting capability and higher hitratio than with traditional monitoring systems. This also enables increased individualintegrity.Project participants: CEO Johnny Berlic and COO Niklas Larssonwww.mindmancer.se
  39. 39. Hemsida:http://www.burtcorp.comOffering:An ad campaign analytics tool to digital agencies and advertisers that allows them to test, trackand improve their campaigns. Allows the advertiser to see which ads were shown, which onesperformed best, where they were placed, whether they attracted attention, etc.Customer:Digital agencies and advertisers .Project Participants:Gustav von Sydow, CEOJohn Sjölander, COOCarl Nelvig
  40. 40. Hemsida:http://www.shopy.seOffering:An online platform to which retailers send their products and from where the products are spreadthrougout the Internet by bloggers. Bloggers creates their own blogshops of the products inShopy and get commission from each sale. Shopy is also integrated with Facebook so theretailer can have a Facebook shop running on their Facebook page in seconds. The retailerinstantly gets all orders in to their order system.Customer:RetailersProject Participants:Ramo Hedin, CEOMikael Andersson
  41. 41. Hemsida:http://www.sca.comOffering:Products in incontinence care, baby diapers and feminine care products. The company’sproducts are sold under SCA’s own brands, for example, the TENA global brand for incontinencecare, or retailers’ brands and are distributed via the retail trade and care institutions in more than100 countries.Customer:Consumers and care institutionsProject Participants:José Ramon IrachetaBengt JärrehultLeader of Venture X