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May 10, 2013 was last time this document was updated. I wanted to share some of the kind comments made on my WordPress blog ( Today, Carolyn's Nonprofit Blog has been visited by more than 200 countries, and I am gratified it has been of interest to so many.

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Thanks, WordPress Blog Readers!

  1. 1.  401 Santos Street, No. 5405, San Antonio, Texas USA 78210  ~ a certified nonprofit fundraising executive, my mission is to help nonprofit organizations attain their fundraisingand public relations goals in the most efficient, thoughtful and high quality manner possible. I have helped design,develop, and implement campaigns that have raised approximately $33 million over the course of my career. I amcurrently seeking one full-time project on which to work, where I believe I can do the most good.SKILLSMajor gift and special project fundraising from individuals, families, corporations, and foundations are primaryinterests. Areas of expertise include campaign design and development; advanced prospect research; grant writing;stewardship; personal staffing of donors and volunteers; special events (galas, auctions, luncheons, receptions, boardmeetings, corporate jet trips, private vehicle and VIP bus excursions); speech writing (and ghost writing); and designand writing of nonprofit publications (case statements, brochures, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations).I have had my own one-person company since 2007, but have been a freelance major gift fundraising executive formore than ten years. Somewhat unusually, I conduct all work I possibly can, myself.Social media platforms:WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Instagram, Viddy, TheAppBuilder, Vizify and (learning Prezi; familiar with Pinterest and Foursquare).Recent social mentions:My blog has recently attracted the attention of GuideStar (case study in the works); and WealthEngine (re-blogged article inWealthWorks on volunteering and charitable giving). Published article by NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network.CAROLYN M. APPLETON, CFRE
  2. 2. 2Carolyn M. Appleton, CFREEDUCATIONThe University of Texas at Austin1985 Master of Arts (3.9 GPA) American 19th Century Art History, College of Fine Arts Meredith Long Scholarship in American Art Elected to The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Author and co-author of published scholarly articles, including The Magazine Antiques ( University of Texas at Austin1977 Bachelor of Arts With Honors (3.5 GPA) Middle Eastern Studies, College of Liberal Arts High marks for Arabic studiesAWARDS & AFFILIATIONSAwards for excellence:The Nature Conservancy of Texas; Dallas Zoological Society (including a standing ovation from the Board of Trustees); BRIT:Botanical Research Institute of Texas; Art Museum of South Texas; and NABA: North American ButterflyAssociation. In 2011, I received a national “NTENy” award for outstanding volunteer service from NTEN:Nonprofit Technology Network.Ancestry:I was elected to membership in the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution in 2010 (my ancestor: JohnHoneyman:, Corpus Christi Chapter; Alamo Chapter Affiliate; TCARA(Texas Connection to the American Revolution). I have four more 18th century ancestors being researched for NSDAR.Professional memberships:Association of Fundraising Professionals (since 1998); CFRE International (since 2004); CharityChannel; Greenlightsfor Nonprofit Success; NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network; Partnership for Philanthropic Planning-San Antonio;Social Media Club-San Antonio.
  3. 3. 3Carolyn M. Appleton, CFREEXPERIENCECarolyn M. Appleton, Inc.  President August, 2007 – to the present (freelance major gift fundraising executive for morethan a decade, formally incorporated in 2007) Fall, 2010 to the present - I moved from Corpus Christi to San Antonio, Texas and am getting settled into mynew city, completing work on prior projects, launching new ones (including immersing myself in socialmedia), and speaking at educational events. Recent and upcoming:o Forthcoming: AFP DFW Philanthropy Conference, Irving Convention Center (June 7, 2013).o Practical Planned Giving Conference, Orlando, Florida (September, 2012), courtesy of CrescendoInteractive, Inc. Topic (two sessions): “Social Media: Major Gift and Planned Giving Applications.” SeeWordPress for a write-up and link to the PowerPoint: Charity Channel Summit and GPA: Grant Professionals Association, Las Vegas, Nevada (October, 2011),for which I organized a workshop for intermediate and advanced nonprofit fundraising professionals,“Social Media and Nonprofit Technologies: Major Gift and Planned Giving Applications.” Included were HollyRoss, Executive Director of NTEN, and Kristen Schultz Jaarda, Senior Vice President, CrescendoInteractive, Inc. (combined slide presentations are available online: ). Spring and summer, 2010 - Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra ( – my work included identifyingnew donors to alleviate “donor burnout,” writing grant proposals, and orchestrating donor meetings workingclosely with CCSO Board member and leading Corpus Christi philanthropist, Maureen Miller. Happily, manynew introductions were made and funding from new sources has been provided. September, 2009 to March, 2010 - The Daughters of The Republic of Texas ( – I developed theinfrastructure for a $9,500,000 capital campaign to construct a new headquarters adjacent to the FrenchLegation in downtown Austin. Work included writing and designing campaign publications and presentationmaterials, researching and writing initial grant proposal documents, and conducting advanced research onprospective donors (potential combined contribution level of more than $100,000,000). September, 2008 to August, 2009 - Rob & Bessie Welder Wildlife Conservation Foundation ( – hereI helped develop the infrastructure for a $4,693,500 capital campaign to construct an Education Facility onthe 7,800-acre grounds of the Welder Refuge. Work involved the creation of a case for support, matchingcampaign PowerPoint, conducting prospective donor research, repairing and recreating a master mailing listfor communications purposes, orchestrating donor meetings, initial grant writing, and I prepared a finalwritten report, or “road map” regarding future development work. January, 2008 to August, 2008 - Episcopal Diocese of West Texas ( – work here involved urgently-neededstewardship associated with an already-completed major gift campaign, new research on prospective donors(valued in excess of $100,000,000), managing the activities of the development board, and cultivation activitiesgeared toward launching a second major gift effort. I also reviewed overall development operations andprovided a formal report suggesting helpful changes and new directions.
  4. 4. 4Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE April, 2007 to December, 2007 - Chinati Foundation ( – work involved increasing annual givingamong donors of $1,000 and larger, securing significant new project funding (from sources like The BrownFoundation, Inc., The Henry Luce Foundation, The Meadows Foundation, and The William Randolph Hearst Foundations),and improving donor stewardship and communications overall. January, 2007 to March, 2007 – Texas State Aquarium ( – This brief assignment involvedworking with the Director of Development to lay the groundwork for a $3,000,000 “rolling” capitalcampaign, and included the creation of a case for support, PowerPoint, prospect research, grant writing, andthe orchestration of initial fundraising calls, leading to a six-figure grant from The Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. andHelen C. Kleberg Foundation. January to December, 2006 - Art Museum of South Texas ( – this was a returnengagement to develop and fund a $985,000 capital campaign for equipment and furniture for the newWilliam B. and Maureen Miller Wing (goal was met and exceeded by $104,000 in seven months). Related workincluded laying the groundwork for and implementing the October, 2006 grand opening for majorcontributors and conducting advance preparation for the 2006 annual fall gala ($400,000 in cash and in-kinddonations secured). January to December, 2005 - South Texas Council, Boy Scouts of America ( – work involved thedevelopment of the infrastructure for a $3,500,000 capital campaign. For this a case for support, database ofprospective donors, three printed newsletters to prospective donors, two video presentations (scripted and editedin close collaboration with Coastal Bend Video), and several grant proposals were produced and submitted. Summer, 2003 through December, 2004 - Art Museum of South Texas ( – coming inafter 9-11and a stalled $8,500,000 capital campaign, I helped civic leaders and philanthropists secure thefunding required to build the William B. and Maureen Miller Wing designed by Legorreta + Legorreta ofMexico City (approximately $5,000,000 was raised). Work involved the creation of a case statement, “virtualtour,” two campaign newsletters, several grant proposals, orchestrating donor meetings, and relatedactivities. Several of the project’s donors were my own contacts from prior work in other Texas cities. Prior assignments (partial list):o Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute and King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management (Kingsville)o Dallas Zoological Society (Dallas)o The Nature Conservancy of Texas (San Antonio and Dallas)o The University of Texas at Austino Laguna Gloria Art Museum, now the Austin Museum of Art (my first development job)Volunteer activities:I have been involved in nonprofit activities as a volunteer for many years. Please refer to my website for additionalinformation: In addition, I have a few publications to mycredit, which you can learn about on LinkedIn: Thank you!