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Rock The Street, Wall Street | Impact, Mission, Vision


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Rock The Street, Wall Street is a financial and investment literacy program designed to spark the interest of high school girls in personal financial literacy and in careers in the field of finance. Financial illiteracy is a crisis across America today! Rock The Street has an outstanding, proven solution.

Rock The Street focuses on the M in STEM, and it identifies volunteer female financial professionals to teach and mentor high school age girls from all walks of life, and to serve as role models. Volunteers are trained and make use of a constantly-updated open source curriculum. With a successful model pioneered in 2013 in Nashville, Rock The Street is now operating in multiple states.

Questions? Let us know anytime. If you are a teacher with an interest in Rock The Street, Wall Street, I have a pdf I can email with information designed for schools. Let me know via my Rock The Street email: (or via my regular email: Thank you!

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Rock The Street, Wall Street | Impact, Mission, Vision

  1. 1. Moving Girls Forward in the Field of Finance Since launching in 2013, more than 2,325 GIRLS ACROSS 15 US CITIES including 69% from minority populations and 44% from low-income households, have graduated from our year-long program. • We start to lose girls in math at age 9 in the U.S. Girls’ engagement with STEM wanes even further in high school, just as they are beginning to consider their college majors/minors and future careers. • Girls take finance and economics classes at lower rates than boys in high school and college, leading to lower financial literacy rates and fewer career opportunities in the financial services field. • Two-thirds of the $1.5 trillion U.S. student loan debt is owned by women. • A record 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are the sole or primary source of income for the family. That share was just 11% in 1960. • Women make up only 2.5% of hedge fund managers, 8% of venture capital partners, 9% of mutual fund managers, and 11.7% of senior private equity professionals. • 80% of teachers self-report that they do not feel competent to teach financial literacy in their classrooms. WHY IT MATTERS • @girlsrockwallst AWARDS & RECGONITION OUR IMPACT On average*, our alumnae demonstrate a 92% INCREASE in financial and investment literacy. * Three-year average 92% Our alumnae are also 4X MORE LIKELY to pursue degrees in finance, economics or related fields than the national average. Rock The Street, Wall Street ia a financial and investment literacy program designed to spark the interest of high school girls into careers in finance. Girls learn about savings and investment, budgeting, the capital markets and their role in maintaining the welfare of their families and the economy, while simultaneously helping them see the real world application of the math content they learn in the classroom. RTSWS lifts girls’ interest and ability to persist in the STEM field of Finance. To create a world where women are financially literate, independent and equally represented in the field of finance, all the way up to the C-suite. If we change who invests, we will change what we invest in. OUR VISION 4x OUR MISSION
  2. 2. As the Founder and CEO of Rock The Street, Wall Street, Maura Cunningham is helping girls view math- focused fields of study as compatible with a career that has a positive impact on the world. RTSWS sparks girls' enthusiasm for finance at a critical age and makes them aware of the societal benefits personal financial knowledge and math-oriented careers can have. Since the organization’s inception in 2013, more than 2,325 girls across 15 U.S. cities have graduated from the year-long program. Maura’s passion is driven by her personal experience, being one of the few women in the room during her days on Wall Street. Most recently, Rock The Street, Wall Street was featured on the Today Show. Maura sat down with NBC’s Savannah Sellers to talk about how the organization is helping inspire young girls across the country to embrace their interest in math and her mission to provide mentorship and real-life skills. Before dedicating herself full-time to RTSWS, Maura spent 25 years in financial services, working in Capital Markets, Real Estate Syndication, Mortgage-Backed Securities, and financial planning. Maura stays current with the market by trading index options ABOUT OUR FOUNDER Anand David | Global Director of Lateral Partner Recruiting and Integration, Hogan Lovells LLP Carrie Green, CFA | Director of Equities, State of Tennessee, Treasury Department Anders Hall, CFA | Vice Chancellor for Investments and Chief Investment Officer, Vanderbilt University Meredith Jones | Author of Women of The Street: Why Female Money Managers Generate Higher Returns (And How You Can Too) Jennifer Knight | Senior Investment Analyst, HCA Healthcare, Inc. Judy Ricketts | Managing Director of Investor Services, TD Ameritrade Christine Ritchie, CFA, CPA | Investment Operations and Risk Manager,Carleton College Arthur Steinmetz | Chairman, CEO and President, OppenheimerFunds, Retired Lauren Brisky CFO, Vanderbilt University, Retired Viraj Parikh Managing Partner, TechCXO Linda Schacht Communication Advisor (The White House, USA Today, Harvard Kennedy School of Government) Deborah Taylor-Tate Former FCC Commissioner/ Special Envoy to ITU SPONSORS/ SUPPORTERS ADVISORY COMMITTEE BOARD OF DIRECTORS INTERESTED IN BEING A SPONSOR? email us at