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Port Aransas Art Center | TAMUCC New Logo and Look


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Early in my 2018 discussions with the Port Aransas Art Center, the Board mentioned wanting a new logo. I suggested they get in touch with Texas A&M University Corpus Christi to see if the graphic design program might be of help. By fall, a team of highly talented graphic design students were eagerly tackling a new logo and look for the Art Center, contributing their skills as a donation to the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort. Board member Laura Griffith served as project liaison with the TAMUCC class through the fall, and this slideshow shares a few of their designs and exciting new concepts. For more information, contact: Thank you, TAMUCC!

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Port Aransas Art Center | TAMUCC New Logo and Look

  1. 1. Port Aransas Art Center ART AND EDUCATION ISLAND STYLE
  2. 2. Texas A&M University Corpus Christi  The Port Aransas Art Center is excited to announce it has a new logo and tandem digital media and product designs!  Created as an in-kind donation as part of the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort, a Texas A&M University Corpus Christi class from the Graphic Design + Visual Communications program participated in the project, which began September 4, 2018.  Final designs were revealed to the Art Center on November 28, 2018.
  3. 3. Website
  4. 4. Website
  5. 5. Outdoor Signage
  6. 6. Social Media | Facebook
  7. 7. Social Media | Instagram
  8. 8. Social Media | YouTube
  9. 9. Program Logos
  10. 10. Brochure
  11. 11. Rack Card
  12. 12. Products
  13. 13. Office
  14. 14. Thanks TAMUCC!
  15. 15. Thanks to the TAMUCC design team and our student presenters: - Art Lopez - Hannah Maldonado - Sonny Martinez Thanks to Art Center Board Member Laura Griffith for being our project liaison PowerPoint by Carolyn M. Appleton