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Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit: Getting Beyond the Like with Chris Tuttle and Carolyn M. Appleton


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On April 10, 2019, I enjoyed being a partner presenter with Chris Tuttle of Idealware. I was a "color commentator," which means I added my own thoughts to Chris' presentation and examples from my own experience.

- To learn more about Idealware, and to avail yourself of its helpful educational programs and trainings, follow this link:
- To listen-in on our ReadyTalk program, follow this link:

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Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit: Getting Beyond the Like with Chris Tuttle and Carolyn M. Appleton

  1. 1. The Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit Session #2: Getting Beyond the Like April 10, 2019
  2. 2. Can you hear me now? You should be able to! If not, try calling in. Dial 1-866-740-1260 Access Code 6994236
  3. 3. Webinars are for sharing information. Ask Questions! Use the Raise Hand Button Enter questions into Chat With Presenter box Make the slideshow or demo bigger
  4. 4. Wait for the Recording to Start…
  5. 5. The Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit Session #2: Getting Beyond the Like April 10, 2019
  6. 6. Chris Tuttle IDEALWARE EXPERT TRAINER Trainer & Consultant Tuttle & Co.
  7. 7. Carolyn Appleton COLOR COMMENTATOR Nonprofit Communications Consultant, Nonprofit Expertise Blogger, NTEN Board .
  8. 8. Idealware: Your Technology Resource Proud to be a program of Tech Impact
  9. 9. Course Page:
  10. 10. Schedule of Course
  11. 11. Chalkboard slide
  12. 12. Your Challenge: think like a social media user
  13. 13. Remember Why They Are Using Social Media • To post updates to their friends and family • To talk to brands • To share pictures and videos • To market themselves • To learn about things to do • To have fun @LucaNLola
  14. 14. Breaking Through the Social Interaction How do we provide value that will be compelling compared to this?
  15. 15. The Magic Happens When You Engage Your Constituents in a Truly Social Way.
  16. 16. Goals Are Essential!
  17. 17. The Importance of Goals Which social media tools you use and how you use them depend on what you want to accomplish and who you want to reach…
  18. 18. Goals should be S.M.A.R.T. : Specific : Measurable : Attainable : Relevant : Timely
  19. 19. What do you want to achieve by using social media? Define:
  20. 20. Goal 1: Build the Community
  21. 21. Goal 2: Provide Information
  22. 22. Goal 3: Promote Services
  23. 23. Goal 4: Raise Funds
  24. 24. What other core goals can we define?
  25. 25. The Path to Deeper Engagement
  26. 26. Moving from Like to Love…
  27. 27. What does engagement mean for you? Brain Work
  28. 28. A Pyramid of Engagement Take Action Interact Listen and Respond Attract Followers
  29. 29. Don’t Shout At People
  30. 30. Instead… You Need to Provide VALUE at Every Stage
  31. 31. What Does It Mean to Provide Value? What can you provide for people online that they will care about? • What services can you offer? • Can they volunteer online? • Can this be a portal to involvement: events, community building, etc.? • What info can you share? • What questions can you answer? Before each post, ask yourself: how is this providing value?
  32. 32. Make Sure to Balance Value
  33. 33. It Is Not Just What You Do But How You Do It Don’t use social media just because you think you should… …people will know when you are faking it!
  34. 34. Practicing Engagement – In a Practical Way
  35. 35. Attract Followers: Offer Exciting Things And keep them hungry for more!
  36. 36. • Ask constituents to invite friends • Ask influencers to promote page • Include link in emails and on website • Include on business cards, email signature, presentations • Do a campaign with an incentive • Contests- photo contests work great • Tell people! Get People “In The Door”
  37. 37. Attracting Followers
  38. 38. Attracting Followers
  39. 39. What else could you do to attract followers? Brain Work
  40. 40. Listening and Responding: Listen to What People Have to Say… I like it when you show… …and respond when appropriate.
  41. 41. Listening and Responding
  42. 42. Listening and Responding
  43. 43. What else could you do to listen and respond? Brain Work
  44. 44. Encourage Interaction: Be Engaging With Every Communication
  45. 45. Encourage Interaction
  46. 46. Encourage Interaction
  47. 47. Encourage Interaction
  48. 48. What else could you do to encourage interaction? Brain Work
  49. 49. Take Action: Encourage People To Do Stuff • Attend events • Register for classes • Participate in competitions • Meet new people • Come to lunch • Be social…in person
  50. 50. Take Action
  51. 51. Take Action
  52. 52. What else could you do to get people to take action? Brain Work
  53. 53. So What Now?
  54. 54. What Are You Going to Bring Back?
  55. 55. Develop Content Based on the Pyramid What will you do at each stage to provide value? Take Action Interact Listen and Respond Attract Followers
  56. 56. Highlight a community member Share a story or powerful image Share a community event posting Share a resource Promote event Respond to questions Info about advocacy issue Promote program Put up resource & ask for shares Solicit recs. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatSun Devise a Weekly Plan for Content Ask a question Respond to questions Respond to questions Respond to questions Respond to questions
  57. 57. Collaborate To Avoid Duplication Create a forum to share best practices & ask questions!
  58. 58. Questions?
  59. 59. Homework Complete Worksheet: # 7 Defining Campaigns and Maintenance
  60. 60. Homework
  61. 61. Thanks to the following who provided input into the development of this curriculum: • Chris Tuttle • Corolyn Appleton • Amadie Hart • Michele Tomlinson All images are used under a Creative Commons royalty-free non-attribution license, except for speaker headshots which were provided by the speakers. Acknowledgements