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Appleton PowerPoint - Art Museum of South Texas for Rotary of Corpus Christi


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During my tenure at the Art Museum of South Texas (2003-2004, and then again in 2006), I created several PowerPoint presentations. This one for Rotary illustrates the new Legorreta-designed wing under construction during 2006. The slide show also provides helpful economic and educational information about the impact of the arts. I helped complete the original capital campaign for construction in 2005, but was called back in 2006 to help raise additional funds for furnishings and similar details. Happily, we met and exceeded our goal. I also served as the primary organizer and implementer of one of three grand opening celebrations that fall, the one for major gift donors. Last but not least, I worked for six months on the 2006 gala, the Ambassador Dinner, handling virtually every detail by hand including security (as we had former U.S. President G. H. W. Bush, Texas Governor Perry, Senator Cornyn, Ambassador Armstrong, and other VIPs in attendance). It was a busy but productive year! Thanks to the many volunteers who helped, and the many donors who contributed to make this dream a reality for Corpus Christi, Texas. Today, funding is always welcome for exhibition and program sponsorships. To find out how you can help, please contact AMST at 361-825-3500.

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