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American Art at The University of Texas at Austin


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While in graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin in the College of Fine Arts in the mid-1980s, Jan Huebner Harmon and I were given the opportunity to research and write an article for, The Magazine Antiques. We were hard-working students in the Department of Art and Art History at the time.

This slide presentation reproduces pages from the article, albeit humble scans. We were honored to publish so early in our careers, and in such a prestigious magazine. I recently came across an original copy, and wanted to share it. This was a challenging project, but a truly wonderful effort of which we are both proud.

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American Art at The University of Texas at Austin

  1. 1. THE MAGAZINE ANTIQUES“Nineteenth-century American art at the University of Texas at Austin” by Carolyn Appleton and Jan Huebner November 1984 (Pages 1234 ~1243)
  2. 2. THE MAGAZINE ANTIQUES Our article in this distinguished magazine was made possible by Dr. Richard Saunders, a member of the Art History faculty. It was a fun but challenging task to track down the workillustrated, as they were located across the campus (and Austin) at the time. We were honored to have had the chance to publish so early in our careers, and thank Dr. Saunders again for his support. Please pardon the humble scanning ….
  3. 3. THE MAGAZINE ANTIQUES For more information, please contact: Carolyn M. Appleton 210-913-5055