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Appleton PowerPoint - Major Gift Fundraising and Social Media - NTC 2010 (CNN Center, Atlanta)


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UPDATE: Several years after the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, this presentation is still one of my most-viewed on SlideShare. It has been only slightly updated (August, 2012) because a few "tech" companies featured originally no longer exist.

This presentation was created for an Affinity Group presentation, "Major Gift Fundraising and Social Media." Eventually, I expanded upon it for the joint Grant Professionals Association (GPA)-CharityChannel Summit 2011 at Bally's Las Vegas (October, 2011), which included two additional experts, Holly Ross (then of NTEN, now Drupal Association), and Kristen Schultz-Jaarda of Crescendo Interactive, Inc. You can find that presentation on my SlideShare page as well (look for Bally's on the front page).

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Appleton PowerPoint - Major Gift Fundraising and Social Media - NTC 2010 (CNN Center, Atlanta)

  1. 1. Old Fashioned Perceptions - Social Media …o Provide brief communications only;o Lack depth of discussion (something required for major gift fundraising);o Focus only on younger donors;o Generate small, “quick” donations versus meaningful, five-figure+ commitments.
  2. 2. 1. “Brief” Communication Can be Helpful if You Want to … o Build awareness and general knowledge; o Provide quick updates and keep in touch; o Steer donors to sources of more information (like your website, GuideStar, Charity Navigator).
  3. 3. 2. Major Gift Fundraising Requires …o Depth of research, discussion, and adequate time for consideration;o Confidence in your organization’s abilities;o Understanding of the need, and desire to be part of the solution;o Remember … “major gift” traditionally means five-figure and larger commitments, mostly made by individuals.
  4. 4. How Can Social Media Support Major Gift Fundraising?o Detailed, comprehensive information is traditionally requiredo Idea! Post detailed documents and slide presentations on user- friendly sites like: - Dropbox - Google Docs - SlideShare … and others.
  5. 5. 3. Major Gift Prospects“Golden age ofphilanthropy” – the timewhen people generallyconsider significantdonations – is when theyreach age 60.
  6. 6. Major Gift Prospectso While more than 80% of charitable donations are made by individuals, don’t forget …o Corporations and foundations are also major gift prospects - their representatives are of all ages.
  7. 7. Are Social Media Only for Young People? o Facebook’s largest user group is aged 35-54 (it once was 18-24); o Facebook 55+ users grew from 950,000 to 5,900,000 in only 6 months. (iStrategyLabs, January, 2010)
  8. 8. Are Social Media Just forYoung People? o The “major gift donor” age group is using Facebook and probably, other social media. o This trend is likely to continue.
  9. 9. 4. Do Social Media Only Generate Small Gifts?o Possibly, if you are only looking “short term,” or you might …o Start the major gift cultivation process by securing a small donation via social media, then use social media to …o Research, educate and cultivate prospective contributors over time, leading to a significant “ask.”
  10. 10. If You Need Millions …o You can conduct a well planned social media e-campaign to secure “crowdfunding” (with the help of companies like Convio and Charity Dynamics), and/or …o You can identify capable prospective major gift donors, educate and cultivate them via social media and other means, then …
  11. 11. “Fishing” for Major Gift Prospectso Reel them in!o Once you have their attention, approach prospective donors in “traditional “ ways like private meetings, case statements, grant proposals, etc. ~ and secure major gifts.
  12. 12. Think Smarto Traditional fundraising is evolving;o “Fundraising is profoundly multichannel” (Convio, March 2010);o Social media should be part of your “donor communication toolbox”;o But don’t forget – effective major gift fundraising still involves in-depth discussion and “in-person” relationship building!
  13. 13. o E-mail: o WordPress blog: o This presentation may be found on SlideShare( and-social-media-appleton). o Thanks to Microsoft Office Online for images reproduced herein. o Anonymous “Flat Earth” woodcut is from Wikipedia (Camille Flammarion).