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The Annuitas Group Lead Management Framework Sm

  1. The Lead Management FrameworkSM
  2. The Common Lead Management Approach Increased Effort & Decreased Efficiency ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  3. The Process Based Lead Management Approach ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  4. The Value of Lead Management Process Source: Sirius Decisions ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  5. The Lead Management FrameworkSM Data   Lead   Content   Planning   Lead   Management   Metrics   Lead  Rou2ng   Lead   Lead   Nurturing   Qualifica2on   ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  6. Lead Management FrameworkSM ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  7. Building the Process – Where to Start? •  Define the lead management framework •  Conduct an Audit – Know What You Don’t Know •  This is not a marketing only exercise – it is cross-functional •  Marketing •  Sales •  Operations •  Finance •  IT ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  8. Data Process •  Determine the validity of your database – How old are the records? •  Determine your approach to data hygiene and what team will own it •  Where will you store the customer & prospect data? •  Define and control who will have access to that data •  Segment the data to optimal success based on ideal target and customer profiles ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  9. Lead Planning 3,000 Responses 80% 2,400 Conversion Valid Mktg Nurture Campaign Responses 10% 240 Conversion Mktg Qualified Mktg Nurture Campaign (MQL) (MQL) 50% 120 Sales Acceleration Nurture Conversion Sales Accepted (SAL) Leads Campaign Lead  Nurture   72 Campaigns   60% Sales Conversion Qualified Sales Acceleration SQL Leads(SQL) Nurture Campaign Post-Sales Nurture Sales Close Campaign Rate 33% 24 closed deals Additional Monthly Revenue @ $2.4M per $100k ASP month ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  10. Lead Routing •  Determine how marketing will pass qualified leads to sales •  Avoid the black hole, know how the leads will be tracked •  Provide sales the ability to pass back for further nurturing •  Develop SLA’s and Business Rules to ensure proper follow-up and no fall out rate ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  11. Lead Qualification •  What do you do with leads? •  Determine between sales and marketing the definition of all the steps in the waterfall – response, MQL, SAL, SQL etc. •  Define the qualification criteria •  What happens to non-qualified leads? •  Set-up a lead scoring model that allows for quality leads to flow to sales •  Focus on quality not quantity ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  12. Lead Nurturing •  Building a relationship with your prospect – not all responses are ready to buy immediately •  Nurturing allows for pipeline acceleration •  Sales that were nurtured provide a 47% higher order value than non-nurtured sales. Source:    Aberdeen   ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  13. Metrics •  Know why you are running a campaign or marketing program •  Develop benchmarks and KPI’s for your organization and measure against them quarterly •  Use the metrics to shape the future •  Pull both marketing and sales metrics for a complete 360o view of your organization ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group
  14. Content Development Process •  Define the buying cycle of your customers •  Development of content maps along the buyers journey •  List current available offers and those that need to be created •  Determining the proper offers that correlate to the defined buying stages •  The content process is dynamic and needs continual attention and focus ©Copyright 2011 The Annuitas Group