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What is Application Performance Management?


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VP of APM, Aruna Ravichandran of CA Technologies walks you through what Application Performance Management really is and discusses some of the major benefits of using the software.

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  • @Mike Marks There are tools that are protocol agnostic. Some tools focus on web based (http,https) applications because many businesses that is the nature of the lions share of applications. But you are right, I have worked with non-http/s business critical applications, performance management and monitoring can be very important for non user interactive applications as well There are APM solutions that address both non-http/s apps and apps that are not user interactive as well as web apps.
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  • CA APM does in fact provide visibility into the health and performance of the entire application infrastructure and the associated end-user experience . “Web-based” should not have appeared on that slide thanks for bringing that to our attention.
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  • Doesn't Application Performance Management apply equally well to software applications that are not web-based? How does one measure end user experience for those applications?
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What is Application Performance Management?

  1. 1. Application Performance Management (APM) is the practice of monitoring the performance and availability of software applications.
  2. 2. But what APM really boils down to is ensuring a positive user experience!
  3. 3. Hi, I’m Aruna Ravichandran, VP of APM at CA Technologies and I’m here to clarify APM for you! What the heck is APM?
  4. 4. In today’s application economy, you can’t afford to have problems that can bring an app down.
  5. 5. You need to find an effective way to:
  6. 6. Build…
  7. 7. Deploy…
  8. 8. And manage all of your applications.
  9. 9. Because ensuring a positive user experience makes every transaction a loyalty-building interaction.
  10. 10. And in a world with thousands of options for everything, loyalty can make (or break) a company!
  11. 11. So I bet you’re wondering, “What can APM do for me?” What can APM do for me?
  12. 12. First, I want to introduce you to the concept of Mobile-to-Mainframe Visibility.
  13. 13. This gives you 20/20 visibility into the health and performance of your entire application infrastructure.
  14. 14. Meaning you can pinpoint issues from the Mobile device/Client browser through Web Tier, Application Tier, Network, Middleware, or Database…
  15. 15. ...all the way to the Mainframe backend. Now that’s application insight!
  16. 16. APM also includes Application Behavior Analytics, which automatically identifies complex performance issues BEFORE they become a real problem.
  17. 17. This enables diagnostic teams to solve problems faster and gain a better understanding of their environments!
  18. 18. And on top of that benefit, the software essentially teaches itself which application behaviors are normal and abnormal.
  19. 19. Analytics are redefining triage!
  20. 20. But what APM really comes down to is the principle that “Scale is Trust”…
  21. 21. Meaning, you can start with one instance of APM to collect up to 500,000 application metrics…
  22. 22. And grow to monitoring billions of metrics across all of your applications every day!
  23. 23. Just like a large telecom company, which collects 144 Billion metrics per day…
  24. 24. And an online tax company that uses the software to manage 2.5 million concurrent customers!
  25. 25. But what makes us so credible?
  26. 26. We have been a big player in the APM market for 14 years and have 80+ patents dedicated to APM innovation.
  27. 27. So if you want to learn more, jump right into these blog posts on the transformation and reliability of APM.