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Los Cinco Peligros Ocultos de la Complejidad de la TI


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Porque TI hace siempre las cosas tan complicadas? TI y su negocio pueden quedar segados por la niebla que constituye la complejidad y la incertidumbre. Descubra cinco peligros ocultos que acechan detrás de la complejidad de TI.

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Los Cinco Peligros Ocultos de la Complejidad de la TI

  1. 1. The Five Hidden Dangers of IT Complexity
  2. 2. Why does IT make things so complicated? Here are five hidden dangers lurking behind IT complexity.
  3. 3. (1) Poor Visibility Things are so complex that no one knows where to turn for help. End users feel like they are left hanging. Callbacks to check status waste time, for both customers and IT staff. Requests can get sidelined, waiting for approvals that never seem to come.
  4. 4. Poor visibility isn’t just a problem for end users. The fog of complexity and uncertainty means that both IT and the business can get blindsided.
  5. 5. (2) Difficult Technology Your people want to deliver great service, but your ITSM technology gets in the way. It might feature an out-of-date interface. It might be so hard to use that you need a help desk ticket to know how to enter a help desk ticket. It lacks the flexibility needed to provide new and innovative services.
  6. 6. Difficult technology prevents great service, slowing the business down.
  7. 7. (3) Narrow Focus When ITSM is focused only on internal clients, it ignores important external stakeholders like customers and partners. Instead, ITSM should be an enabler for the whole business, and the response should involve executives from the business side when appropriate.
  8. 8. Customer experience is both a business problem and an IT problem. More and more of today’s customer experience starts and ends with IT, and it is essential that ITSM service customers as well as internal users.
  9. 9. (4) Inconsistent Process Your organizational structure and your business process get in the way of your people. Users may not know where to turn or may get conflicting answers, depending on who answers the question. And the service management team may not know what is expected of them, or lack the proper performance metrics.
  10. 10. Without a consistent, measurable process, there will never be an improvement.
  11. 11. (5) Poor Morale All these problems can be disheartening. Lack of training on systems, on process and on people skills can leave IT service desk personnel without the tools they need to do a good job.
  12. 12. Poor morale at the IT service desk will lead first to service desk personnel who aren’t engaged and then to confused and angry customers.
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