Busting the Five Biggest DevOps Myths


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DevOps is real, delivering real benefits, but that doesn’t stop people from having wrong-headed ideas about DevOps. Here we bust the top five “myths” that people believe about DevOps, all in good fun, of course.

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Busting the Five Biggest DevOps Myths

  1. Busting the 5 Biggest DevOps Myths
  2. DevOps is real, delivering real benefits ... … but that doesn’t stop people from having adverse ideas about DevOps.
  3. Here are the five biggest myths about DevOps
  4. Myth 1: DevOps is only for hipsters To hear some tell it, DevOps can only be understood by a new breed of blended IT professional: a “silo-busting” individual using the latest tools.
  5. Reality: The problem isn’t the people. It’s the organizational structure. A rigid culture and a “one skill in one box” organizational structure restricts people’s rounded set of skills from being fully utilized.
  6. Review the untapped skills of your current employees. Before scouring for DevOps talent … Look for ops professionals who think like coders, and coders who understand the need for resilience.
  7. Myth 2: One movement to rule them all Often, those championing DevOps claim that ITIL, COBIT, and balanced scorecard no longer have a place and should be discarded.
  8. Reality: Processes to ensure resilience and stability are more critical than ever. Any set of best practices or methodologies will accelerate and improve your IT services. Don’t obsess about where the methodologies compete, but think instead how they can complement each other.
  9. Myth 3: DevOps is a technology movement There’s a lot of really good technical material written on DevOps, with many new terms to consider — like infrastructure-as-code and anti- fragile — all supported by a new range of products and techniques.
  10. Reality: Business outcomes drive DevOps, not the technology. Meeting customer expectations is the #1 priority. Use customer feedback to test assumptions Be prepared to change methods for project planning, product management, funding, and implementation.
  11. Use technology as a driver to accelerate DevOps goals. Remove physical constraints and bottlenecks that interrupt the flow of value to customers. Automate frequent release cycles. More releases mean more business, not more technical headaches.
  12. Myth 4: My business is immune Many organizations argue that the principles of DevOps don’t apply because they’ve outsourced operations or don’t have an app dev function. After all, what value could continuous change bring to an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” world?
  13. Reality: ALL companies are in the software business. Many sneaker companies are expanding beyond simply selling sneakers -- they now sell a fitness experience (wearable devices) that depends on software.
  14. When thinking about DevOps, look at your business first and IT second. It’s really about being a business practitioner and embracing techniques like experimentation, iterative and incremental design, and above all else — learning from failure.
  15. Myth 5: DevOps will change the world With so much hype, it’s easy to start drinking the DevOps Kool-Aid™.
  16. Reality: The success rate for development projects hasn’t improved much in 20 years. If your operations team gets rewarded for stopping application releases, then no amount of Agile development will help. Likewise, it won’t help if your developers won’t leave the office to meet customers. DevOps is about five things — people, people, people, people, and people.
  17. If you are ready to move from myth to reality with DevOps, download the ebooklet Dysfunction Junction – A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Started with DevOps Download Now www.ca.com/devops-ebook