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Video analysis - Paramore


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Published in: Education
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Video analysis - Paramore

  1. 1. Video Analysis<br />Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick<br />
  2. 2. Brick By Boring Brick<br />The director (Meiert Avis) chose to shoot the sequence in LA studios, using special effects and the band as various characters in the narrative styled video. <br />
  3. 3. The use of mise-en-scene, specifically the use of a swing and the lead singer in a dress, expresses a child-like and fairytale theme to the video, linking in with the lyrics of the song. Its also expressed through the use of the tones/shades of: gold, red and brown, stylising an ‘autumn’ or ‘fall’ style to the settings. By using these colours (as well as CGI falling leaves) Meiert Avis has created a sense of ‘ending’ or ‘change’ to the settings, following the ‘storyline’ within the lyrics (of burying the castle and a world someone has forgotten). Settings indicates a fantasy/fairytale theme, linking in with the lyrics of the song, describing various childhood fairytales (such as Prince Charming and the 3 little pigs). <br />The lighting of this shot, the over exposure, emphasises the surrealistic style of the setting and emphasises the fairytale style. Also, by using warm tones, the settings appear ‘harmless’ or ‘friendly’ which later contradicts with the tones of inside the castle. <br />In order to keep with the message within the lyrics (of a forgotten childhood) Meiert Avis has incorporated various forms & conventions made by Andrew Goodwin. Such as the incorporation of the band and the narrative style of the video. <br />
  4. 4. The use of costumes brings life to the lyrics (‘or the wolf’s gonna blow it down’). The hazy lighting of the shot creates the sense of surrealism, adding to the fairytale style the director is aiming for. The costumes in this shot coincides with the idea that the song is about childhood fantasies/fairytales, brought to life via the ‘wolfman’ & the ‘grandmother’ (from the fairytale of Little Red Riding H00d). Incorporating these ideas gives the audience the sense of surrealism which surrounds the video. The contradiction between the costumes and the settings (a field of over grown mushrooms) emphasises the absurdity of the setting and the childhood fairytale style. <br />
  5. 5. Throughout the video, the settings switch between the ‘autumn’ styled scene (where Hayley Williams sings) & following the little girl through the woods & to a castle. The introduction of the castle can be taken literally from the lyrics (‘To bury the castle’). However it is also the change in the style of lighting and mise-en-scene the moment the girl steps inside. The outside coincides with the ‘autumn’ and fairytale theme Meiert Avis has chosen. The moment the little girl (the focus of the ‘storyline' in the video) enters the castle, the lighting and colours change to darker more foreboding tones, following the crescendo of the song. <br />
  6. 6. By duplicating Hayley William's face in this shot, puts value to lead singer within the video. Following the forms and conventions of Andrew Goodwin, by involving the band within the video (through cameo roles or playing instruments/singing). This also brings in the idea of the Male Gaze, by using Hayley Williams, as one of 2 focal points (the other being the little girl) the audience will be drawn to watch the video, as fans of the band, or in male interest (towards Hayley Williams). The lighting contrast between the mirrors and the inside of the castle, makes Hayley Williams stand out more and draws the audience’s attention towards her. By becoming the focal point, the director has again implicated the Male Gaze. <br />