Shop lovers Shopping experience 2.0


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Shop lovers Shopping experience 2.0

  1. 1. SHOPLOVERS  Shopping  ex2erience   2.0  
  2. 2. TEAM   ALICE  MORONI   SERENA  SPOSATO   MANUELE   VALENTINA  VOLPI   Master  degree   Postgraduate   TAMBURRANO   Postgraduate  scholarship  in  Mass   scholarship  in   Master  degree   scholarship  in  Mass   Communica;on,   Computer  Science,   student  in  Computer   Communica;on,   PhD  student  and     developer  (Java,   Science,  developer   mobile  usability   coordinator  of  the   JME,  Java  Card,  Php)   (Java,  JME,  Java  Card,   analyst  and   “NFC  and  Mobile”   and  member  of  the   Php)  and  member  of   member  of  the   research  group  at   “NFC  and  Mobile”   the  “NFC  and  Mobile”   “NFC  and  Mobile”   CATTID.   research  group.   research  group.   research  group.  
  3. 3. CATTID  –  SAPIENZA  UNIVERSITY  OF  ROME   C.A.T.T.I.D.   is   an   Italian   research   centre   for   Informa;on   and   Communica;on   Technology   inside  the  University  of  Rome  Sapienza.     The   Centre   was   founded   in   1979   to   support   the   teaching   methodologies   using   every   type   of   IT   tools.   Over   the   last   years,   it   has   become   an   innova;on   centre   in   digital   technologies:   it   now   works  in  close  contact  with  other  Departments  of   “Sapienza”   University   of   Rome,   as   well   as   with   other   Universi;es   both   in   Rome   and   in   other   ci;es.     The   scien;fic   work   of   CATTID   has   also   drawn   aWen;on   of   many   na;onal   and   interna;onal   companies   and   also   led   to   several   collabora;ons   with   important   na;onal   and   interna;onal   industries   and   research   organiza;ons,   among   as   Ericsson  Italia.  
  4. 4. SHOPLOVERS  WHAT  IS  IT?  ShopLovers   is   a   social  n e t w o r k   p l a X o r m  connec;ng   real   and   virtual  world  in  order  to  obtain  the  best  shopping  experience.    T h a n k s   t o   S h o p L o v e r s  people  can  connect  with  the  objects   they   buy   and   love,  play   with   them   and   gain  some  kind  of  reward.    ShopLovers   deals   with   the  “word-­‐of-­‐mouth  adver;sing”  basic   principle   from   a   social  2.0  point  of  view.    
  5. 5. HOW  SHOPLOVERS  CONNECTS  THINGS  ShopLovers   connects   people  with   the   products   they   buy,  share  and  love.     TAG  ID:  02AF69G4E8  If   Facebook   asks   the   ques;on  “What’s   on   your   mind?”,  T w i W e r   w o n d e r s   a b o u t  “What’s   happenings?”   to   the  users,   and   the   loca;on-­‐based  social   networks   Gowalla   and  Foursquare   asks   “Where   are  you?”   TAG  ID:  274C67G465  ShopLovers   answers   the  ques;on   “What  did  you  buy?”  connec;ng   users   with   their  favorite   products,   shops   and  brands.     TAG  ID:  0534C725F3    RFID   and   NFC   technologies  help  to  do  this  in  an  easy  and   TAG  ID:  042B6723EE   TAG  ID:  03DC67EE45  automated  way!    
  6. 6. HOW  IT  WORKS?  The   ShopLovers   system   is  composed   of   four   main  sofware  components:    •  a   mobile   applica;on   that   can   be   installed   on   the   Android  device    •  a  social  network  plaXorm  •  a   C++   applica;on   to   manage   the   contactless   communica;on   at   the   retail’s  POS  •  a   Java   applica;on   that   provides   high-­‐level   User   Interface   (UI)   to   the   C++   applica;on  
  7. 7. AT  THE  SHOP   CHECK-­‐IN  YOUR   PURCHASE  AT  The   customer   checks   in   at   THE  RETAIL  the   retail   Point   of   Sale   POINT…  t a p p i n g   o n   i t   t h e  ShopLovers   NFC   s;cker  aWached   on   his   mobile  phone.    Thanks   to   contactless/NFC   …THEN  SHARE  IT   ON  YOUR  h e   i s   a u t o m a ; c a l l y   PROFILE  ON  THE  iden;fied  by  the  system.     SHOPLOVERS     SOCIAL   NETWORK    Before   the   purchase   the  customer   can   receive   and  share   adver;sing   news,     so  that   he   can   update   his   SN  profile   about   the   latest   …AND  ENJOY  purchases   and   get   some   YOUR  REWARD!  discount.  
  8. 8. SHOPLOVERS  ONLINE  The   shopping   experience   BRANDScon;nues   on   the   Social  Network   site   of   ShopLovers,  available   via   web   or   mobile   % TALKapplica;on.   COUPONS   BRANDSInside   the   community   of   BRANDS TALKfriends   user   can   share   the  pleasure   of   a   good   buy   and   TALK %s p r e a d   l o v e d   b r a n d s   COUPONSprompted   by   a   program   of   %customer  loyalty  rewards.   COUPONS   TALK BRANDSFriends   can   comment   on  p u r c h a s e d   p r o d u c t s ,  exchange  coupons  and  virtual   %items,   making   the   shopping   COUPONSexperience  even  more  fun!  
  9. 9. MAIN  SECTIONS  OF  THE  ANDROID  APPLICATION  ME:  the  user  profile  page  with  the  latest  friends’  posts    COUPONS:  the  virtual  gif  coupons  gained  by  the  user    PRODUCTS:  the  list  of  the  user’s  purchased  products    SHOPS:  :  the  list  of  the  shops  visited  by  the  user    BRAND:  the  list  of  the  brands  loved  by  the  user    MY  SHOP:  the  game  sec;on  for  the  community  of  friends  
  10. 10. BUSINESS   SMARTPHONE   PENETRATION   AGE  15-­‐24   1.  Italy    47%  POTENTIAL   2.  Spain    38%   3.  UK    36%  ShopLovers   is   an   alluring  social   media   marke;ng   tool  where   retail   trade   can   get   H1  2010  –  Source:  Nielsen  visibility   and   be   fostered  from  the  boWom  up.      Strenghts:   SMARTPHONE   FEMALE   USER   AGE  15-­‐24  •  strong   penetra;on   of   1.  US    55%   mobile  phones   2.  UK    47%   3.  Russia    43%  •  business  poten;al  of  NFC   technology  •  rapid   growth   of   social   media   as   an   adver;sing   plaXorm   SOCIAL   NETWORK   AD   SPENDING   WORLDWIDE,  2009-­‐2011     •  2011    29,1%  Commercial   implementa;on   •  2010    30,7%  b a s e d   o n   a   “ r e v e n u e   •  2009  26,6%  sharing”   or   “cost   per   sale”  business  model.     July  2010  –  Source:  eMarketer    
  11. 11. USER  WANTS  AND   Which  of  the  following   First   of   all   sharing   informa;on   on   discounts,   promo;ons  and  ini;a;ves  of  your  favorite  brands   81%   funcQons  would  you   or  products  you  have  purchased  NEEDS  ANALYSIS   like  to  find  on  a  social   Repor;ng   to   a   friend   or   acquaintance   a   product   that  might  interest  him  or  her   65%   network  dedicated  to  From   the   survey   conducted   by   shopping?   Accumula;on   of   personalized   coupons   based   on   purchases     65%  the   team*   emerged   that   in   a   Geong  ;ps  on  what  you  want  or  you  would  like   57%  social   network   focused   on   to  buy   Exchange  coupons  with  friends  or  acquaintances  s h o p p i n g ,   t h e   u s e r s ’   Giving  advice  on  shopping  for  friends  and  people   42%   38%  preference  is  addressed  to  gain   you  know  some  kind  of  rewards.   Publica;on  shouts  of  purchases  that  you  made  or   wanted  to  make   27%  First   of   all   they   like   to   share   Publica;on  shouts  of  purchases  that  your  friends   or  people  you  know  made  or  wanted  to  make   25%  informa;on   on   discounts,   Other   0%  promo;ons   and   ini;a;ves   of   Picture   of   the   product   you   bought   or   you   would   55%   When  you  go  shopping,  their   favorite   brands   or   like  to  buy   which  kind  of  products   they   have   purchased   Shop  you  went  into   55%   informaQon  would  you   Price  of  the  product  you  bought  or  you  would  like   41%  a n d   t o   a c c u m u l a t e   to  buy   like  to  share  with  your  personalized  coupons.   Descrip;on   of   the   product   you   bought   or   you   36%   friends  or   would  like  to  buy     Brand   of   the   product   you   bought   or   you   would   33%   acquaintances?   like  to  buy  The   informa;on   they   like   to   No  informa;on   18%  share  the  most  is  the  picture  of   Date  of  purchase   4%   Time  of  purchase  the   product   they   bought   or   Other   2%   2%  they  would  like  to  buy,  as  well  as  the  shop  they  went  in.   *Sample  formed  by  100  respondent      
  12. 12. Thanks  for  the  aNention!  D i s c l a i m e r :   a l l   t h e   p r o d u c t s ,   t h e   s h o p s   a n d   t h e   b r a n d s   u s e d   i n  t h i s   p r e s e n t a ; o n   h a v e   t h e   o n l y   p u r p o s e   o f   e x a m p l e .   A t   t h e  p r e s e n t   ; m e   t h e r e   i s   n o   r e a l   i n v o l v e m e n t   o f   t h e   m e n ; o n e d  c o m p a n i e s .