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At the Center of the Storm: Greater Demands, Less Funding


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At the Center of the Storm is a presentation by Dr. Jim Butterworth on the current financial situation facing many school districts. The presentation goes on to discuss these problems, the goals set, and feasible solutions to these problems.

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At the Center of the Storm: Greater Demands, Less Funding

  1. 1. AT THE CENTER OF THE STORM: PRINCIPALS AND TEACHERS Jim Butterworth February 9, 2012
  2. 2. Fiscal and Policy Forces are Demanding that Schools Do More With Less:• Class sizes are up• District support for instructional improvement is severely diminished• Support Persons (Ex. Counselors) are being cut• Additional Layoffs are predicted• Rising Accountability Targets must be met with leaner staff and shrunken budgets• Teachers are in the middle of the battle without adequate resources
  3. 3. School Principals Must:• Manage the remaining scarce resources• Continue to increase the school’s effectiveness• Maintain morale• Rally teachers, staff and community around common goals
  4. 4. Teachers are the most important school determinant of student learning:• Organizing Instruction• Communicating Learning Goals• Assessing Student Progress• Adjusting the Content and Interaction of the Classroom
  5. 5. EmpiricalResearchshowsTeacherandPrincipalImpact onStudentLearning:
  6. 6. Over 25 Years of Research Has Underscored the Central Roles that School Leaders Play in Effective Schools:• Creating Opportunities for Collaboration (Structures) and Building a Culture of Trust• Creating High Expectations for Adults and Students Alike• Supporting Educator Learning• Allocating Resources in Support of Learning
  7. 7. Leverage Points for Strengthening School Leadership:1. Shaping a Vision of Success for All Students Based on High Standards2. Creating a Climate Hospitable to Education3. Strengthening Teacher Evaluation4. Improving the System of Preparation, Evaluation and Support for Principals5. Identifying Models of Effective School Leadership Teams6. Building a Comprehensive Data System to Guide Policy and Practice7. Managing People, Data and Processes to Foster School Improvement
  8. 8. Thank You!Questions or Comments?