Arts council ni arts and older people programme


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Arts council ni arts and older people programme

  1. 1. Arts and Older People Programme Image: Upper Springfield Development Trust ‘Engage in Art Age’ Launch October
  2. 2. Arts & Older People Strategy• The Arts & Older People strategy was developed in recognition of the priorities set out in the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s five year strategy, ‘Creative Connections’ for the period from 2007-2012.• Theme 3: Growing Audiences and Increasing Participation• Arts & Older People Strategy completed in June 2010 Image: Carew II A & OP Programme
  3. 3. Arts & Older People Programme• Aims to increase participation for older people in the arts and tackle social justice issues facing older people on a day-to-day basis• 3-year programme jointly funded by the Arts Council and The Atlantic Philanthropies• £700,000 committed to the programme Image: ‘Give & Take, Golden Thread
  4. 4. AOP Strategic Aims•Isolation and Loneliness•Social Inclusion•Poverty•Health Issues/Dementia•Strengthening and developing the Voice of Older People Images: Detail from Artwork Upper Springfield Development Trust Engage In Art Age Project and Object from Golden Thread Gallery’s ‘Give and Take’ Feasibility Study.
  5. 5. AOP Programme to DateSteering GroupNine organisations represented including Age NI,Engage With Age, the Rural Community Network andthe Atlantic Philanthropies.Total Funding Allocated: £374,608• 32 Organisations•16 Community and 16 ArtsImages: Monday Club, Cookstown ‘Pieces of My Past Project.
  6. 6. AOP Programme Communication Plan Communication Steering Group •Age NI, Rural Community Network and Age Sector Platform. •Communication plan includes production of two printed newsletters 2011/1012 AOP Ambassadors •Olivia Nash, MBE •Gerry Anderson •Baroness May Blood •Myra VennardImages: Carn Media Project Launch Artist Stevie Noonan and GerryAnderson. Olivia Nash, MBE at Spring Chicken’s Flash-mobCastle court, Belfast.
  7. 7. Programme Development 2011-13•Professional Development Training for artists•Dementia Awareness Training•Dance Exchange Professional Development•Exchange of practice on the arts contemporary ageing• Bealtaine ‘Creating A New Old’ Conference•ACNI Celebration of Age EventImages: An Munia Tober ‘Traveller Reflections Project’Golden Thread Gallery’s ‘Give and Take’ Feasibility Study.
  8. 8. AOP Programme EvaluationExternal Evaluation•Wallace Consultancy supported by theEvaluation Steering Group.•Base-line and Monitoring Reportconducted to date.•Interim Report completed in March 2012 Images: Golden Thread Gallery ‘Give and Take’ Feasibility Study. Upper Springfield Development Trust Engage in Art Age Launch October 2011
  9. 9. A & OP Programme Interim Evaluation Image: Carew II A & O P Project• It is considered that initial projects funded under the AOP have successfully demonstrated that they meet the strategic themes of the programme.• Going into the final round of the AOP, action needs to be undertaken in order to embed the AOP social justice themes as core elements of the