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Andrew Macfarlane - CASALA


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Andrew Macfarlane - CASALA

  1. 1. Positioning within an Ecosystem<br />Andrew Macfarlane<br />
  2. 2. Nokia<br />Blackberry<br />Apple<br />Android<br />2006<br />2011<br />
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Demographics<br />Economics<br />Technology<br />Healthcare &<br />Caring for people as they Age<br />
  5. 5. “…A truly integrated and cost-effective healthcare system must involve moving away from the old hospital-centred model, where healthcare was episodic, reactive and fragmented, to focusing on delivering more care in the community. This requires a reallocation of resources so that we deliver more services in the primary and community care sector.” Minister for Health Dr James Reilly, Irish Medical Times, April 27th 2011<br />
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  8. 8. Thank You<br />