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Cartils Branding & Packaging Design Consultants searches the world for different trends in specific categories. In the 2013 CARTILS|BeerWatch, the latest trends in the beer category (intrinsic & extrinsic) are presented.

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CARTILS | BeerWatch 2013

  1. 1. This content is intended for people of legal drinking age (and shouldn’t be shared with those who are not) 2013
  2. 2. C A R T I L S & B E E R CARTILS Branding & Packaging Design Consultants has been active in the international beer market since 1960. In order to deliver up-to-date design work and branding advice, we constantly keep up with the trends and developments in this category. This presentation by CARTILS provides you with an overview of the recent developments - either intrinsically or extrinsically driven - and their reflections in packaging design. All developments are connected to shifting consumer preferences.
  3. 3. I N T R I N S I C D E S I G N D R I V E R S
  4. 4. Shifting consumer preferences form the basis for the rise of new products and categories There are two movements:
  5. 5. Experienced beer drinkers are seeking more authentic, high qualitative and stronger beers - better ingredients - stronger flavours - authentic recipesShifting consumer preferences form the basis for the rise of new products and categories There are two movements:
  6. 6. A new generation of beer drinkers is looking for accessible, easy-drinkable beers for every moment - lighter tastes - sweeter beer variants Shifting consumer preferences form the basis for the rise of new products and categories There are two movements: Experienced beer drinkers are seeking more authentic, high qualitative and stronger beers - better ingredients - stronger flavours - authentic recipes
  7. 7. - Bottled draft beer - Craft beer - More premium beer - Food matching beer - Your own brew Experienced beer drinkers
  8. 8. Bottled draft beer Especially in CIS countries, bottled draft beer has been popular for a while These beers give the drinker the perception of original and authentic beer On a design level it shows: - bottle shapes referring to a beer mug or barrel - label design highly contributing to an expression of craftsmanship Efes Efes Carlsberg Efes Carlsberg
  9. 9. Craft beer (1) Currently, there is a further expansion of consumers’ need for authentic products, resulting in an increasing popularity of craft beer Brewed, with care and attention, in small batches by independent producers; microbreweries It is not only about the beer itself, but about the whole experience of drinking it, which is clearly shown in this BrewDog video: Category dominated by: - handmade / paper label look - specific fonts - ‘funny’ designs/illustrations
  10. 10. Craft beer (2) Because of its success, also larger beer breweries are paying more and more attention to this trend, by: - investing in or purchasing microbreweries - introducing their own craft-like beers Molson Coors AB Inbev Efes Molson Coors
  11. 11. More premium beer Consumers’ preference for more premium beverages has led to a new category of more premium beers with special tastes and ingredients These brands express and underline brewmasters’ knowledge and expertise The category shows: - saturated colouring - gold and silver accents - crafted designs: refined and well taken care of AB InbevAB Inbev AB InbevCarlsberg
  12. 12. Food matching beer Robinsons brewery (UK) and Simon Rimmer, an established British chef and broadcaster, collaborated to introduce a range of food matching beers The collaboration between these two experts delivers a high quality perception The three new beers complement three dishes (curry, steak, chicken) and bring out the very best in the food
  13. 13. Your own brew Best of British beer is responding to the consumers’ need for original and authentic recipes as well They are offering consumers the chance to become ‘virtual brewers’ and take part in the creation of a new beer The beers will be labelled featuring the name of every person who became a member and bought a share
  14. 14. - Non-alcoholic beer - Light crispy beer - High alcoholic light beer - Radlers - Cocktail inspired RTD’s - Ciders New generation of beer drinkers
  15. 15. Non-alcoholic beer This category already exists for several years, but obtains more and more attention and acceptance Consumers are getting more conscious of their health, but simultaneously still want to enjoy a beer These beers are more accessible and can be consumed everywhere, at any time The category is growing by an increasing amount of non-alcoholic flavour variants, moving into the soft drink category SABMiller Bavaria Heineken AB Inbev AB Inbev
  16. 16. Light crispy beer Increasingly, brands introduce light crispy beers, aimed at modern and stylish consumers, especially women With these lighter alcoholic beers breweries respond to consumers’ accessible taste preference and try to reach new consumer groups In this category style dominates over product expectations, showing minimalistic designs and soft colouring CarlsbergMolson Coors Independent Distillers Australia
  17. 17. High alcoholic light beer Bud Light also offers a refreshing, drinkable and slightly sweeter beer, but with a higher alcohol percentage: 6% alc.vol. With this beer, the brewery targets consumers who are looking for a lighter taste but also for a real alcohol experience Hereby, Bud Light Platinum shows a new approach to the light beer category AB Inbev
  18. 18. Radlers Traditionally, in Germany in particular, consumers mixed beer with soft drinks, the so-called radlers or shandies Currently, more and more brands launch these drinks as RTD to become more appealing and accessible for a younger audience Radlers’ fresh and sweeter character is reflected in their presentations: - fresh colouring - fruit illustrations - dynamic fonts Carlsberg Carlsberg Heineken Heineken SABMiller Heineken
  19. 19. Consumers’ need for sweeter, accessible drinks is also reflected in this pretty new category There is an increasing offer of cocktail inspired drinks, with recipes including beer (Lime-A-Rita) or new products, produced and endorsed by a beer brewer (Zlatopramen Mystery) On a design level, these drinks are characterized by ‘fun’ presentations Cocktail inspired RTD’s AB Inbev Baltika Heineken
  20. 20. Ciders These refreshing alcoholic drinks, derived by the fermentation of the juice of apples, form an emerging category Initially aimed at women in particular, the category is characterized by clean and fresh designs and organic shapes With the introduction of Strongbow men are targeted as well with a more masculine presentation The category also shows an increasing amount of flavour variants, like pear and red/dark fruit Molson Coors AB Inbev Molson Coors Heineken Heineken
  21. 21. E X T R I N S I C D E S I G N D R I V E R S
  22. 22. Consumers not just buy and consume the product, they want to experience it This results in a more 360° approach in packaging design: - Tactile experiences - Shaped cans - Innovative can closures - Special foil on cans - Advanced printing inks - Two-color UV ink printing - Smart beer bottles - Experience-focused brand activation
  23. 23. Tactile experiences Outstanding bottle shapes and brand own embossings have already been there for a while However, brands are paying more and more attention to these aspects, giving the consumer a tactile experience Consumers’ reactions to Miller Lite’s redesign clearly show that tactility indeed contributes to their experience: SABMiller SABMiller Heineken Carlsberg Carlsberg Efes Baltic Beer Company Ltd. Grupo Mahou- San Miguel Carlsberg AB Inbev
  24. 24. Shaped cans Earlier, shaped cans were used in order to enhance product expectations The new Budweiser Bow Tie can, uses its unique shape to support the brand’s VBI and to ‘bring the brand to life’ Carlsberg Efes Sapporo brewery AB Inbev
  25. 25. Innovative can closures New techniques, giving an easy pour and an even smoother drinking experience: Castle Lite’s Cold Rush Easy Flow can (SABMiller) Bud Light’s 12oz vented can (AB Inbev) Coors Light’s double-vented wide mouth (Molson Coors) Budweiser’s 360° removable cap (AB Inbev)
  26. 26. Special foil on cans Grolsch (SABMiller) recently introduced a special taste- protecting foil on the inside of its cans Due to the Quality Liner, drinking from a can will give the same qualitative taste experience as drinking from a bottle
  27. 27. Thermochromic ink already exists for several years to indicate a beers perfect chill Now it is also available in a variety of colours, which enables a more visible and specific ‘cool indication’ Advanced printing inks (1)
  28. 28. Photochromic ink is a transparent ink that reacts and changes colour when exposed to natural daylight This new printing technology delivers a special experience at outdoor activities Advanced printing inks (2)
  29. 29. Two-color UV ink printing The new Heineken Origami- inspired aluminium club bottle shows two-color UV ink printing A sophisticated design, giving the consumer a real ‘club experience’
  30. 30. ‘Smart’ beer bottles (1) The new Heineken Ignite bottle contains a 8-bit microprocessor and an accelerometer It interacts with other bottles, its surroundings and the people around it, creating a special drinking experience
  31. 31. ‘Smart’ beer bottles (2) Heineken’s Strongbow Gold StartCap is the world’s first digital bottle cap Based on RFID technology, the bottle can trigger actions at the pub or at other locations This combination of technology and product experience delivers added enjoyment to the consumers
  32. 32. ‘Smart’ beer bottles (3) Beck’s Edison Bottle (AB Inbev) is the first-ever music bottle, played on the Edison-inspired prototype of the cylindric phonograph This new concept brings beer and music together, giving the consumer a unique experience
  33. 33. Budweiser Brazil (AB Inbev) has introduced special, ‘social’ glasses: Büddy Cups By just clinking them together, the cups will enable anyone to befriend a person on Facebook Experience-focused brand activation (1)
  34. 34. Experience-focused brand activation (2) Both, Tiger (Heineken) and Beck’s (AB Inbev) started collaborations with artists and musicians Tiger Beer Ltd Edition boxes: the artists’ illustrations display their interpretations of what makes Tiger Beer and Asia distinct Beck’s Limited Art bottles support artists in their work and deliver consumers a cultural experience while drinking a beer. See video:
  35. 35. S U M M A R Y
  36. 36. Authentic High quality Stronger More premium Accessible Sweeter For every moment Lighter INTRINSIC DESIGN DRIVERS
  37. 37. Experience focused 360° approach EXTRINSIC DESIGN DRIVERS
  38. 38. The images used in this presentation are screenshots or other images that were available on the Internet. As such, the copyright for them is most likely owned by the company or corporation that produced it. For the composers of this presentation it was impossible to retrieve all these copyright owners and ask for permission to use the imagery. Images are used purely to illustrate this observation of market trends and were taken from publicly accessible sources. If any party feels treated disrespectfully or abused by our approach, please contact us at: You have just been inspired by the CARTILS|BeerWatch 2013. For more information, please contact Lianne van den Berg-Weitzel MSc, strategy director at CARTILS: