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A new semiotics age


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Published in: Education
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A new semiotics age

  1. 1. °°°Historically, the only, possible, conceivable kind of Contemporary Art ,as well for any kind of semiotics comunication and media disclosure ( Economical,Industrial,Governmental ,Advertising etc.etc.etc.) will be, over the future shape, the one which “tells” and “describe” our Time with precise empirical and deeply realistic parameters-. -Through an "innovative" semiotic characterized with an easily interpretable visual- language, this new and innovative iconography, “It Will” report , communicate. transmits and shows, “like a mirror”, representatives absolute values and meanings of the past , the present and the future of the mankind-history in which the interlocutor, the observer should be able to universally recognize and acknowledges “ his own reflection , the shape of himself and his everyday life-time” . -The structure of the media disclosure designed and stylized more than 50 years ago and later evolved in time with the arrival of an hyper technocratic society by The Hidden Persuaders ( strategy taught ,revealed and explained by Vance Packard ...) And now for reasons of force majeure is intended to disappear as obsolete and no longer effective. -The “same obviously goes” for the most part of the contemporary art ,“made up” only with decorative purposes or designed to impress , shock and “tranasmit” aesthetic pleasure to the observer etc.etc.etc. “it will be totally forgotten and It will completely lose any economic and artistic value” . “TIME WILL TELL”. C.M.R.