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Carel ultrasonic humidifier for In-row cooling and Compact Datacenter

Enrico Boscaro, application manager for Computer Room Air Conditioning @CAREL explains the benefits and advantages of CAREL solutions for In-row cooling and Compact Datacenter

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Carel ultrasonic humidifier for In-row cooling and Compact Datacenter

  1. 1. Carel ultrasonic humidifier for In row cooling and Compact Datacenter
  2. 2. New specs and new needs for humidification • Wider allowable humidity range • Use of fresh air
  3. 3. Focus on a small datacenter with In row cooling Low humidity for ambient conditions  Installation in Scandinavia  100 kW cooling power  Temperature in cold aisle 24°C  Design temperature in hot aisle 34°C  4 units with full recirculation: water temperature 15°C (higher than dew point). No dehumidification  No humidifiers installed: traditional dimensioning would be 15-18 kg/h  Minimum humidity in cold aisle: 32% (@24°C it is 5,5 g/kg ASHRAE minimum recommended)  Humidity measured: 14,5% with 24°C this is 2,5 g/kg In rowunit racks Hot aisle containment
  4. 4. A new approach for dimensioning : Total Moisture Content  Volume of the room: 200 m3  Total Moisture Content in minimum-desired conditions: 0,6 vs 0,92 kg.  Max moisture using recommended limit (60%r.h.) is 2,16 kg.  Hypothesis: dehumidification performed by AC units in transitory conditions but mainly by the infiltration of fresh air with low humidity and diffusion phenomena  Hypothesis for calculation: high infiltration 0,5 vol/h (to keep into account diffusion and door open condition)  The equivalent is a reduction of 850 g/h. In 0,5 h the humidity goes down from acceptable to minimum value. Experimental data show slower reduction.  With 4 kg/h humidifier the Total Moisture Content can be brought from minimum to maximum in 15 minutes 100m3/h@-20°C 95%0,6g/kgabsH 100m3/h@ 20°C 44%6,5 g/kgabsH
  5. 5. humiSonic: the compact ultra-sonic humidifier humiSonic is an adiabatic humidifier that utilises the ultrasonic vibrations technology. Compact Efficient Precise Hygienic
  6. 6. humiSonic: technical features Nebulizer: very fine drops (Ø = 5 µm) Low energy consumption (100 W for 1 l/h) Water flow: 0,5 – 1 l/h (230 V) Modulation according to request (1-100%) Modbus connection Up to 3 slaves managed RO water not mandatory but recommended for datacenter
  7. 7. Example of Installation of humiSonic in In row cooling unit • Warmer and dry air in inlet allows quick absorption without dehumidification • Coil used as re-evaporation surface • Possible evaporating temperature control in case of variable speed compressor
  8. 8. Room installation • Installation in the corners for a quick distribution but 1 point is enough for diffusion • Use of diffuser and conveyor to install in a box or niche • RO water treatment is recommended to avoid the diffusion of dust and minerals and to reduce maintenance
  9. 9. An whole range to solve your humidity issues • Duct and Room installation • Up to 18 kg/h