Top 5 Ways to Be Hired or Promoted Before 2012 [Webinar Slides]


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Top 5 Ways to Be Hired or Promoted Before 2012 [Webinar Slides]

  1. 1. TOP 5 STRATEGIES TO GET HIRED OR PROMOTEDWhat does it take to STAND OUT, BE NOTICED, and get hired or promoted? ? ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  2. 2. Most Q ualified To get a job offer or be promoted, you must have afundamental understanding of how hiring managers make hiring (or promotion) decisions. ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  3. 3. The Right Mindset•  This is #1 and most people don’t have it on their list at all.•  Your best chances of getting hired or promoted happen when everything you do is built on the right mindset. ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  4. 4. The Right MindsetConsider the following:•  Are you going through your job search and/or your work day with a mindset that you are creating purposefully and intentionally or does life ‘happen’ to you? Is your mindset only as good as how your day (or your life) is going?•  Can you persuade other people to believe something you tell them if you are just saying it but don’t really believe it yourself? ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  5. 5. The Right MindsetHow do you talk to yourself?•  Decide who you are and what you stand for in regards to your career•  Re-define your interpretation of the past•  Turn ‘What ifs’ into positive statements•  Turn concerns into questions•  Life your life purposefully and intentionally ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  6. 6. The Right BrandYour CareerBrand +UniversalCorporate Brand=Ideal Candidateand IdealEmployee. ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  7. 7. The Right BrandYour Career Brand – You, positioningyourself at the center of your careerinterests, passions, skills, talents, andstrengths and building a strong presencewhere you are showcasing your skills andexpertise and are gaining interest andtrust from employers and clients.Universal Corporate Brand – The exactbrand or type of person the company islooking to hire. ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  8. 8. The Right SkillsHard SkillsAre you capable ofactually doing the work?Soft SkillsHow will you do the work?-a combination of yourpersonality/ charactertraits, attitude,communication skills,social skills, and workstyle. ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  9. 9. The Right Soft Skills• Integrity• Positive Attitude• Strong Communication Skills• Commitment to Excellence• Accountable• Flexible• Innovator ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  10. 10. The Right PositioningPositioning yourself ispurposefully decidingwho you are and howyou will act and ‘be’ -every single day.It’s the act of building,sustaining, andleveraging your brand.Are you positioningyourself to BE hired orGET promoted? ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  11. 11. The Right PositioningPast behavior is the best predictor offuture success.Everything you do and say in the jobsearch process, and at work, has to bepurposeful and intentional.You have to position yourself as theperson they want to hire or promote. ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  12. 12. The Right MentorThe truth is ~ we don’tknow what we don’t knowFind a coach or a mentorto help move you forwardon the right path and helpyou be accountable to yourgoals.Don’t be a conceptuallearner – it’s critical toapply what you learn toyour life. ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  13. 13. The Right MentorNavigate yourself through your careerinstead of just landing in it by chance orby circumstances and having LIFEnavigate YOU.ACTIVE ONGOING PERSONALDEVELOPMENT IS NOW AREQUIREMENT.Commit to being a lifelong learner! ©2011 Career Brand Authority
  14. 14. Career Intelligence GamePosition Yourself Now and the Future Will Take Care of Itself. The Righ t Mi nds et The Righ Career Intelligence t Bra nd ©2011 Career Brand Authority