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Mingle slideshare


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Networking event!

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Mingle slideshare

  1. 1. By Ariella Coombs
  2. 2. What is Mingle? ● An online networking event ● Hassle-free, cheap, and fun way to meet valuable connections. ● The best part? Networking in your sweatpants is completely acceptable!
  3. 3. Need a little more persuading? Here are five great reasons why you should mix with Mingle: ● It's Hassle-Free Networking ● It's Cheap - Wait, It’s FREE! ● It's Not Intimidating Or Awkward ● It’s Organized ● It's FUN!
  4. 4. ● You can join anywhere you go, whether you’re at the airport, hanging by the pool, or on your couch. ● If you want to take a break, you can always excuse yourself and jump back in when you’re ready. It's Hassle-Free Networking
  5. 5. It's Cheap - Wait, It’s FREE! ● Buying drinks, filling up your gas tank, and paying expensive attendance fees for networking events adds up quickly. ● A Mingle event is FREE, which could be a savings of about $600 a year for you(especially if you’re hitting multiple events per month - which could have you spending about $50/month).
  6. 6. It's Not Intimidating Or Awkward The fact is, networking is something we all need to deal with on a daily basis. But why does it have to be intimidating or awkward? ● Well, it doesn’t - not with Mingle! ● Mingle makes it easy for people to connect online, build professional relationships, and make it easier for them to meet in-person - if they feel so inclined!
  7. 7. It’s Organized Mingle automatically tracks who you’ve chatted with and lists them in your dashboard after your conversation ends. It brings up their LinkedIn Profile, and even allows you to take notes on the person!
  8. 8. Mingle is sort of like speed dating - you could call it speed connecting. You have 8 minutes to introduce yourself, learn a little bit about the other person, and find commonalities. It’s like a game - And it’s addicting! Its Fun!
  9. 9. WHEN: Tuesday, May 27th – 7:00-9:00PM EDT HOW TO SIGN UP: Check out our “How-To” video below!