[Webinar Slides] Expert to Entrepreneur


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[Webinar Slides] Expert to Entrepreneur

  1. 1. FROM EXPERT TO ENTREPRENEUR 13 Must-Have Brand Tools!
  2. 2. WORKER ENGAGEMENT IS DISMAL Gallup Employee Engagement Index 2011
  3. 3. SOME ENCOURAGING STATS FOR NEXT YEARFROM THE MANPOWER GLOBAL EMPLOYMENTREPORT Q1/12 Despite continuing economic challenges and widespread uncertainty in the global labor market, employers in 31 of the 41 countries and territories Manpower Group surveys expect to add to their workforces in varying degrees during the first three months of the year. Hiring plans remain positive in all 10 countries ManpowerGroup surveys in the Americas.
  4. 4. SO YOU ARE AN EXPERTBUT ARE YOU ENTREPRENEURIAL? Mindset Qualities Risk/Reward Motivation Perseverance Persistence Goal Oriented Achievement Innovative/Creative Multi-tasker Disciplined Organized
  5. 5. “Careers used to move themselves. We are now solely responsible formoving our careers in the direction we want them to go.”
  6. 6. His premise is one size does not fit all and there are different personalities and approachesthat identify successful entrepreneur types. It’s much like the DISC personality profiles used in HR to identify what jobs and careers are best suited to job seekers. http://www.bosidna.com/
  7. 7. TAKE A SELF-ASSESSMENTDo you have organizational ability, personal drive andleadership qualities?Are you in good physical health?Do you have a high risk/reward tolerance?Is your niche defined?Are you committed to sales, marketing, networking?Do you have enough working capital?Are you a self starter?Can you see projects through to the end?
  9. 9. THIRD, CREATE YOUR ENTREPRENEURIALBLUEPRINT What’s your product, service? Whom does it serve? What’s your platform? What’s your personal brand? What’s your integrated marketing plan?
  10. 10. In addition to evaluating your entrepreneurialpersonality, you must think of yourself and assume the roles of master salesman, networker and marketer, regardless of how many employees or support people work with you or for you.
  11. 11. IF YOU ARE SURE AND YOU HAVE PREPAREDYOURSELF 13 MUST-HAVE TOOLS LinkedIn is the professional platform with unparalleled potential to be introduced and interact with top people in your field or related fields. Facebook is the most diverse platform for engagement and interactivity. Twitter can be a ‘real time’ brand/communication tool. Blogging is the best way to build clout and authority in your field. E-mail Marketing can help you grow relationships with your permission based community.
  12. 12. 13 MUST-HAVE TOOLS . Article Writing either on your own blog or for other key blogs and websites to build your brand leadership. Texting used properly can also be a “real time” tool. Video is the best way to show people your vibe, personality and how you present yourself and your ideas. Webinar Workshops brand you as an expert in your field and also give you a platform to teach others what you know in a short time commitment. Volunteering is the side door into many opportunities and aligns you with things you are passionate about.
  13. 13. 13 MUST-HAVE TOOLS Networking online and in person can open up amazing opportunities with people all over the world or right in your local community. Google+ is fast becoming another diverse tribe and community building platform. Radio Podcasting has opened more doors for me then just about any other platform, if you use it to feature others.
  14. 14. FULLY DEVELOP AND CLEAN UP YOURFACEBOOK PAGE 76% use Facebook to screen candidates (Mashable) Think of FB more as a hybrid, soft business, career search platform now. USE it differently. Change your profile picture, to a branded image Use FB more to brand your skills, accomplishments, expertise.
  15. 15. TARGET COMPANIES/PEOPLE YOU WANT TOWORK WITH. Pick 10 companies/people you want to work with. Research their values and culture. Define WHY you want to work for them and make the case to them why you are a great fit to hire you. Volunteer at them, take a mentorship, internship. Follow their activity on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Comment on their blog articles. Ask for an introduction on LinkedIn
  16. 16. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK Join Engage Chit Chat Blog Meet People in Person Grow your tribes and communities Get out in front of your brand Share your human capital Find a mentor Blend your in-person and onlinenetworking worlds
  17. 17. RESOURCES AND SITES CAREEREALISM.com SmallbizTrends.com Entrepreneur.com Success.com Wallstreetjournal.com NYT.com Smartbrief.com Trendwatcning.com Springwise.com Gallup.com
  18. 18. Sign up on my websites through my Contact Me page andI will send you FREE:The 6-Step Entrepreneurial BlueprintGo One on One: - Mini Brand Evaluation and 5 Suggestions to Improve Your Brand 2012 [$199]Buy My Book: - Careertransition-maketheshift.comFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin [@DeborahShane]