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CAREEREALISM Media is made up of two sites sharing one mission. is a free career advice site, offering free resources from top career professionals, including webinars, "how-to" videos, and articles covering all aspects of career. is a career coaching site. The service offered here is one on one coaching from one of our career experts, helping you land that next big job.

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CAREEREALISM Media . Two Sites | One Mission

  1. Creating a Trusted Resource for Career Advice
  2. Mission Statement CAREEREALISM Media is dedicated to solving the communication disconnect between companies and talent. Our goal is to provide professionals with “tip-of-the-curl” information, coaching, support, and resources they need to market their "business-of-one" to companies.
  3. Measurable Goals CAREEREALISM ➢ 5M visitors/month ➢ 5K Alexa ranking ➢ Eliminate reliance on display ad revenue CareerHMO ➢ 50 ICCs ➢ 10K monthly subscribers ➢ 5 corporate partners
  4. To Succeed, We... ➢ Experiment often as a way to learn and grow. ➢ Never play the “blame game” with each other. ➢ Set stretch goals that test our abilities. ➢ Keep perspective - it’s not ‘life or death.’ ➢ Focus on enjoying ourselves while working hard. ➢ Appreciate daily how lucky we are!
  5. “Each of us knows our own strengths - and those of our teammates. Most importantly, we recognize the goal isn't to compete with one another to be the best, but to work together to create something bigger and better than what we could do as individuals. ” J.T. -CEO & Founder
  6. Core Staff Traits
  7. Proactive ➢ Identify problems & map out possible solutions. ➢ Look for new opportunities to improve the business. ➢ Research ways to improve your skills and add more value to the organization.
  8. “As a team, we're always on the lookout for more effective solutions. Trying new things doesn't scare us - if something has the potential to solve a problem, we go for it.” Ariella - Managing Editor
  9. Resourceful ➢ Research and identify the most cost-effective options. ➢ Utilize existing resources as a way to conserve funds. ➢ Actively find ways to streamline processes and improve operations.
  10. “The solutions to our problems aren’t always obvious, but we all look for creative and different ways to try to solve the problems.” Sarah - Manager of Public Relations
  11. Ownership ➢ Take responsibility for projects and act as the point person in charge of its completion. ➢ Set aggressive deadlines and hold yourself accountable for delivering on-time and under- budget. ➢ Measure the impact of your efforts and make sure they justify the cost of your employment.
  12. “Our professional growth happens quickly, because we’re constantly challenged in both getting the work done and managing each other.” Nick - Employment Branding Manager
  13. Selflessness ➢ Focus on what’s best for the company and your team over what’s easier or better for yourself. ➢ Help your peers and be part of their success. ➢ Go beyond the job when necessary.
  14. “Our best work is very much a collaborative effort. We come together to find solutions and brainstorm, so all of our successes truly come as a team.” Sam - Social Media Manager
  15. Passion ➢ Care deeply about your work and its impact on the success of the business. ➢ Take pride in what you do and be a “geek” in your job. ➢ Educate co-workers on what you do and how you do it.
  16. “I love working with CAREEREALISM. Everybody here makes each project better than their last. We take pride in the quality of our work, and make sure it’s always helping the business move forward!” Zac - Marketing Intern
  17. Energetic ➢ Display positivity and a can-do attitude at work. ➢ Inspire your peers with encouraging words and humor. ➢ Dream big for the company, its clients, and your own career.
  18. “We’re always respectful of each other’s time and schedule. When we plan meetings or deadlines of projects, each other’s schedules and workloads are always our first concern.” Lindsay - Video & Graphics Content Producer
  19. Respectful ➢ Recognize and appreciate the strengths of every team member. ➢ Be honest, tactful, and fair in all communications. ➢ Be quick to admit mistakes and do what you can to fix them. REMEMBER, we are all human!
  20. “There is a great mix of creative minds here at CAREEREALISM all working towards a common goal and having fun doing it. I have never worked anywhere like this. The old adage is true - Happiness breeds great work.” Paula - CareerHMO Community Manager
  21. Business-of-One Planning ➢ Create a comprehensive map of our daily work to the company's goals. ➢ Define professional goals for the year and tie them to our personal goals. ➢ Set measurable milestones each week, month, quarter and year. ➢ Identify the best way to “manage up” to ensure all our clients (internal & external) are satisfied. Each of us is a “business-of-one” who serves two clients (our external customers & our internal co-workers). To succeed, we must:
  22. Go to for the best career advice. Everybody could use some, because EVERY Job is Temporary!
  23. Thank you for learning about us! -The CAREEREALISM Media Team-