6 things to do before leaving your job


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6 things to do before leaving your job

  1. 1. 6 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Job Original article by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran
  2. 2. How can you leave a job without burning bridges? Here are six things you can do to keep both your body and most of your mind on the job until you leave the building...
  3. 3. 1. Be Aware Of The Shift
  4. 4. When we decide we’re leaving, we start shifting and disengaging. Check in with yourself or a trusted co-worker daily to stay aware and focused on your work.
  5. 5. 2. Make A Departure Plan
  6. 6. The best plan will be made with your manager to incorporate what their needs are for completion and cross-training.
  7. 7. To ensure your engagement during this time, make sure you have included things you want to accomplish before you leave. All items need dates for when you will have them done. Keep track of those dates every day.
  8. 8. 3. Collect Materials
  9. 9. Since you are leaving, think through the types of information and materials you might want to have in your next position or in the future.
  10. 10. The types of things to consider collecting: ● Performance appraisals ● Atta-boy letters ● Copies of supporting e-mails from bosses ● Reference materials that aren’t proprietary to the company, but you may want to reuse ● E-mails and phone numbers of people you will want to keep in your networking circle
  11. 11. 4. Finish The “To Do” List
  12. 12. Now is the time when you need to complete those pesky lower-priority items you never got to. We all have them and somehow wait for the day when we have nothing else better to do. Get these done now.
  13. 13. 5. Clean Your Desk And Office
  14. 14. There’s nothing worse than the chore of cleaning up someone else’s left-over mess when they leave. Make your goal to leave your desk ready for move-in of the next occupant. Label files, toss out materials that only you found of value, and refill anything almost on empty.
  15. 15. 6. Make Your Goal To Be There Completely
  16. 16. To make your last days the best for you and everyone, commit yourself to be fully involved until the day you leave.
  17. 17. In order to have a great career and personal brand, you have to think of the work you do in all of its phases.
  18. 18. Clearly, leaving is a phase that you will have more than once in your career. It can be the lasting impression you make on the current boss, as well as future bosses who may be your peers right now. Make that lasting impression as impressive as the work you do.
  19. 19. Read The Original Article! We hope you enjoyed this presentation! Click here to read the original article by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran on CAREEREALISM.com.