10 Ways to Tell if You’re ATTRACTIVE to Hiring Managers


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10 Ways to Tell if You’re ATTRACTIVE to Hiring Managers

  1. 1. 10 Ways to Tell if You’re ATTRACTIVE to Hiring Managers By J.T. O’Donnell Founder | CAREEREALISM Club
  2. 2. Are you worthy of being hired, promoted & respected? Take this quiz to find out…
  3. 3. Can YOU… Explain in 100 words or less where you are headed with your career?
  4. 4. Is YOUR… Resume updated in the latest acceptable formats and meets hiring managers NEW guidelines for consideration?
  5. 5. Can YOU… Explain in 2-3 sentences what you do and how it adds value to a company without putting someone to sleep?
  6. 6. Is YOUR… LinkedIn profile 100% complete and keyword optimized so you will show up in a recruiter’s search for someone with your talents and skills?
  7. 7. Do YOU… Know how to network (both on-line & in-person) in a way that doesn’t appear desperate or pushy?
  8. 8. Does YOUR… Name come up in an Internet search in a way that showcases your professional credibility (and could earn you more money)?
  9. 9. Can YOU… Write effective, interesting cover letters that capture a hiring manager’s attention so you’ll get an interview?
  10. 10. Do YOU… Know how to find a job without using job boards that are filled with bogus positions and scam artists?
  11. 11. Do YOU… Know how to answer interview questions in way that won’t disqualify you from the hiring process?
  12. 12. Do YOU… Have a credible resource you can consult 24/7 to ensure you make the right moves to advance your career?
  13. 13. If YOU couldn’t say ‘yes’ to all of these… Then you could be hurting your ability to get hired, promoted and respected!
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  16. 16. Remember… We are all businesses-of-one who need to be attractive (a.k.a. market ourselves effectively) to employers. Don’t cheapen your brand with bad marketing!!!