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Sharing New perspectives: overview presentation


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The “Sharing new perspectives” project, in which CARARE is a partner, will contribute to increasing access to digital resources of European heritage in response to the Connecting Europe Facility’s deployment of the Europeana digital service infrastructure to encourage cross-border use and use of cultural heritage digital resources. The project will do this by using 3D as a driver to encourage users to discover, select and interact with content made accessible through Europeana. The project’s tools will enable users to both produce and consume digital cultural heritage content and to create new materials for personal interest, education, tourism, research and creative industry uses.

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Sharing New perspectives: overview presentation

  1. 1. Sharing new perspectives: Your 3D view on Europeana Kate Fernie, CARARE 3D reconstruction of clay model, Andrea Bernardoni and Riccardo Braga, Museo Galileo, Florence CC-BY-NC-ND
  2. 2. Creating tools for sharing and using 3D and other digital heritage Museums, Cultural Institutions Schools, Students, Researchers Register, upload, search and create
  3. 3. Rationale #1: Awareness Cultural institutions, Europeana, 3D creators, end users There’s lots of great content in Europeana We want to reach out and engage end-users by allowing them to share their 3D content and to use materials in Europeana to create stories A man and a giant yellow frog, Burrage. Welcome Collection CC BY
  4. 4. Rationale #2: 3D as a driver In the last few years it has become much easier to create 3D. The creation of 3D models of monuments, buildings and museum objects has become more routine. Ordinary citizens have access to 3D creation tools on their smartphones. There’s a buzz of interest about 3D Sketchfab has made it easy for anyone to publish and share 3D and has a growing community of users in cultural institutions and education. 3D Model of the Cross of St Patrick and St Columba, Kells, Discovery Programme, CC-BY-NC-ND
  5. 5. Activity #1: Desktop Getting content in to Sketchfab and Europeana in one operation 1. Upload content to Sketchfab 2. Capture metadata needed for Sketchfab and Europeana 3. Publish the content and metadata to Sketchfab and Europeana Challenge: Making it easy
  6. 6. Activity #2: Story telling tool Finding content in Sketchfab and Europeana and using it to create a new interactive resource. Other activities: Providing guidelines, templates and use cases Concept behind the story telling tool
  7. 7. Thanks for your attention Project facts CEF-TC-2017-3 Generic services project Started 1 Sept 2018 Ends 28 Feb 2020 Team • Athena Research Centre • NoHo Limited • Visual Dimension bvba • Vilnius University Faculty of Communications • CARARE Contact: