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eCognition Image Analysis System


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Presentation by Malte Sohlbach from Trimble Geosp

Published in: Technology
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eCognition Image Analysis System

  1. 1. State Office for Surveying and Mapping Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany eCognition Image Analysis System Malte Sohlbach CAPIGI April 4.-6. 2011
  2. 2. eCognition Processing Chain Input Data Analysis Result Segmentation 2D/ 3D Object Network RasterRaster VectorVector Point cloudPointcloud Statistics / Reports Context 2D/3D Classification
  3. 3. eCognition Software Suite eCognition Developer … is the development environment for object-based image analysis. eCognition Architect … provides an easy to use front end for non-technical professionals allowing them to leverage eCognition technology. eCognition Server … provides a processing environment for the batch execution of image analysis jobs.
  4. 4. Image Analysis System Central Data Store Development Thin Client eCognition eCognition Architects Development Servers X X Thin Client eCognition Developer Terminal Rule Set Server Application Thin Client Field OfficeHeadquarters
  5. 5. eCognition Architect
  6. 6. Conclusion!  Scalable processing system (easy extension)!  Fast processing and high data throughput due to optimized hardware environment in headquarters –  Data storage –  Processing units –  High speed network!  Connection to field offices with low band width via terminal server technology –  Low band width –  Basic hardware requirements –  Reduced maintenance!  Open system for diverse applications based on eCognition technology –  Habitat mapping –  Cadastral update (change detection) –  Suitability analysis for solar energy production (roof cadastre) –  Etc.
  7. 7. eCognition Technology Layers Custom built solution Off the shelf applicationAppware •  Built based on •  Licensed consulting workflow •  Based on Specification •  Problem assessment •  Recommended software •  Configured environment •  Tested and approved •  Integration comp •  Maintenance plan •  Tested and approvedRuleware In-house Shared application •  Accumulated •  For registered users knowledge •  Free to use eCognition Suite •  eCognition DeveloperSoftware •  eCognition Architect •  eCognition Server •  eCognition Extension to ArcGIS •  SDK / API
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention! For further information please contact: Malte Sohlbach Manager, Systems Engineering Trimble, GeoSpatial Division