Imc plan for kkmi service ship re launch-3.2009


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Imc plan for kkmi service ship re launch-3.2009

  1. 1. Presented by: Charlotte Busse, Christine Oneto and Erica Kaplan
  2. 2. What is ServiceShip? • A floating boat maintenance facility • Cost-effective alternative to boat yard maintenance & repair • Provides quality Electrical, Mechanical & Rigging services with your boat in the water • Offers interior and above-deck repairs/maintenance with boat in water Now in new & convenient Sausalito marina location 2
  3. 3. Markets • Day Sailors • Racers • Captains • Surveyors • Salespeople • Existing Customers 3
  4. 4. Markets Primary Target Market Integrated Marketing Communications Plan The Day Sailor who keeps his boat in San Francisco Bay Who is he or she? 4
  5. 5. Day Sailor Psychographic Make-up 1. He loves his boat 2. She believes sailing is a lifelong activity. She is committed to the sport and it is a priority amongst her interests and consumes a measurable amount of her free time 3. She is environmentally conscious. 4. He is analytical – sailing demands planning and foresight 5. He expects to receive only First Class craftsmanship & quality 6. She is a big reader, detail-oriented and researches everything about boats and boating 5
  6. 6. Day Sailor Psychographic Make-up, cont. 7. She is social – active in her yacht club and/or ownership associations 8. He is sensitive to demands on his time 9. She is successful enough to have disposable income to support the sailing hobby & lifestyle 10. He or she would go out on the boat at any time, under most any weather conditions 6
  7. 7. How the Psychographics Shape the Need for ServiceShip • Owner’s love of the boat: Wants the best and knows he can trust the expertise of KKMI professionals • Sailing is a priority among his interests and free time; and he knows KKMI’s history as first-rate in reputation • Environmentally conscious & share’s KKMI’s “clean bay” values • Sensitive to demands on his time: Makes Sausalito a convenient location & choice since it is centrally-located near the Bay’s common sailing spots KKMI Expertise + Quality + Convenience + Savings 7
  8. 8. Mission for the IMC Plan Awareness ServiceShip is a NEW service It does not current exist in the San Francisco Bay: -- Benchmark is currently 0. Goal Make 30% of SF Bay Day sailors aware of KKMI’s ServiceShip location and services 8
  9. 9. Launch Timeline for IMC Plan • 90 day Awareness Campaign announcing NEW KKMI ServiceShip: beginning March 1 through May 31 • Capitalizes on 2 major Bay Area boating events: • Opening Day on the Bay – April 26 • Memorial Day Weekend – May 23 to 25 9
  10. 10. Messaging for IMC Plan • KKMI Quality, First-Class Service at your fingertips! • Now in Sausalito, CA • Grand Opening • Try us before all your mates! • You & Your boat deserve the best care 10
  11. 11. Blended Communication Methods • Advertising • Public Relations • Sponsorships • Cause Marketing (“Save the Bay” & Call of the Sea) • Direct Marketing (email & print) • Sales Promotion • Personal Selling 11
  12. 12. Advertising • Print Ad: • Latitude 38 & other trade publications • • • • • • Websites: Banner Ads 12
  13. 13. Public Relations • Photo of tug hauling ServiceShip to Sausalito provided by local trade publications, newspapers and websites • Press releases, follow-up emails and phone calls to local journalists (sports & other) announcing the Grand Opening and events • Invite local influential sailors for a pre-Grand Opening Tour of the ServiceShip • Make special mentions of 1) Support of Bay Area Youth Sailing, 2) Free Seminars, 3) Raffle to win maintenance packages, 4) Host a “Have your photo taken with Paul Cayard” or other sailing pros 13
  14. 14. PR Placements • Local  Bay Area Television news  Sausalito news  Marin Independent Journal and SF Chronicle • Industry  Latitude 38  Yacht Club Newsletters/e-News  Bay and Delta Yachtsmen  Scuttlebutt Monitor all Local news for published stories to reprint ads 14
  15. 15. Direct Marketing • Postcards to all Bay Area registered boat owners (approx. 3,000) • These will announce Grand Opening April 25-26 Sales Promotion  Cause Marketing    Digital Assets Raffle – Chance to win valuable maintenance packets Proud Sponsor of Bay Area Youth Sailing Have your photo taken with Paul Cayard Website, KKMI boatyard address, phone, twitter 15
  16. 16. Sales Promotion • Raffle drawings to win coveted, desirable prizes  One winner each evening of Grand Opening  Grand Prize = Free Rigging, Electrical and Engine Inspection for your boat  Proceeds from Raffle ticket sales and no-host bar to support Bay Area Youth Sailing o Print this prominently on invites o Provide for a donation-only option 16
  17. 17. Personal Selling • KKMI Richmond Team/Project Managers will wear new ServiceShip T-shirts to get create buzz • Hosted Seminars at the ServiceShip for:  Local marina tenants  Yacht club members  Current KKMI customers • Prizes given out at the seminar: Free rigging, electrical and engine inspections • Donation table supporting Bay Area Youth Sailing 17
  18. 18. Personal Selling, cont. • Seminar Invitees  Sausalito Yacht Club  Corinthian Yacht Club  San Francisco Yacht Club  St. Francis Yacht Club  OCSC (Berkeley) 18
  19. 19. Sponsorship • Proud Sponsor of Bay Area Youth Sailing • All proceeds from Grand Opening raffle sales • Donations of new or used equipment to regatta teams, ServiceShip branded merchandise, i.e. shirts, lifejackets, stickers • Find food and beverage sponsors for KKMI, and actively cross-promote and cross-sell 19
  20. 20. Cause Marketing • Partnership with Bay Area Youth Sailing  In appreciation for the ServiceShip’s contribution to B.A.Y.S., KKMI will ask that some members of the organization be present at the Grand Opening event  B.A.Y.S. representatives will answer questions on their program, to promote their organization while helping KKMI host the event 20
  21. 21. Digital Communications • KKMI Customer email blast about the Grand Opening event  Mention B.A.Y.S. and raffle  Yacht Clubs e-mail to members about the preevent promotional seminars  PR outlets using email pitches & press release post to the wire  Banner ads & potential pre-roll video ad  21
  22. 22. Questions? 22