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Ch 5 information in indian language

  1. 1. Unicode - Practicals a. Create a simple document using Word Processor / Excel in an Indian Language (Marathi/Hindi) making use of an Unicode font.
  2. 2. Unicode - Practicals b Convert the given English Paragraph in to Marathi/Hindi using Google Transliterator.
  3. 3. Unicode - Practicals c Goolge Translate – Text Convert the given English Paragraph in to Hindi using Google Translator. d. Goolge Translate – Convert Document typed in English in to Hindi using Google Translator.
  4. 4. Unicode - Reality: Unicode is supported by the IT industry including Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Apple, HP and Oracle. To make documents more readable across platforms and machines, the Unicode specification was created and has been implemented in many systems. Unicode - Benefits 1. User can continue to work in the same manner. 2. Unicode doesn’t play any role in pricing decisions. (We use softwares now Unicode compliant.) 3. Unicode is only a standard, not a software or technology. 4. Unicode based documents take a little extra space than the non-Unicode ones.
  5. 5. Unicode - Unicode Encoding - An encoding system, like ASCII assigns a number to each letter, number or character. Unicode, also known as UTF-8 or the "Universal Alphabet" is an ordered set of over a million characters. Systems recognize Unicode, can read and process data from many languages. Unicode was developed way back in 1990s. Unicode aims to transcend the limitations of traditional character encodings such as those defined by the ISO 8859 standard. Many older Web sites were vendor specific and complicated. To view a Unicode document, a computer must have font installed includes characters for the script. Unicode fonts are two types - Arial Unicode MS (for Windows) and Lucida Unicode (Macintosh).
  6. 6. What is Unicode?  Most-complete character-set.  The largest encoding scheme.  Supports major scripts and multi-lingual environments supports mathematics, scientific symbols also.  Unicode ensures standardization for data use and storage. Being a 16 bit encoding standard, Unicode can represent 65,536 characters.  It is promoted by Unicode Consortium. Unicode works across …  Hardware platforms (Desktops, Laptops, PDAs etc from various Manufacturer like Intel processor based PC, Apple Macintosh machine, AMD processor based PCs )  Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD etc.)  Software programs (Unicode compliant)  Languages (Most of the world’s languages )  All major browsers - Internet Explorer for Windows, Internet Explorer for Macintosh , Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera
  7. 7. Languages Interoperability –  Unicode different scripts co-exist harmoniously in single document.  User can shift between languages/scripts without using separate software for each language.
  8. 8. Unicode, Installation & Uses Use of Unicode to Establish Marathi Language in Computer
  9. 9. Introduction We were facing many problems while typing anything in regional languages other than English. Solution for all these questions is Unicode. We shall learn how to work with Unicode. ‘BarahaIME‘ is one of many Unicode softwares available on internet. -
  10. 10. What is Unicode? There is code for each character in computer. Different codes for single character were made which are changing according to software. If we make single code for single character, then it will minimize problems in typing. And this lead to discovery of Unicode system. Now, Control panel window will be displayed on the screen Select ‘Regional and Language’ option. Double click. You will get ‘Regional and language option’ window. Select Language option from it’s menu
  11. 11. Regional Language Settings
  12. 12. You will get Add Input language window. Select button in input language box so that it will give list of available regional languages. Select Marathi from that list.
  13. 13. Again select keyboard layout option from ‘Add input language’ and select Marathi option from list, then click on OK In Preferences - Follow Language Bar settings shown above
  14. 14. You have to remember key (shift + ctrl +0 ) in ‘switch to Marathi – Marathi’ option. For this, again you have to select key setting which will give ‘Advanced key setting’ window. Go to ‘Marathi – Marathi’ option, finally click on OK button, so that Marathi will be successfully installed using Unicode system in your computer Now computer is ready to work with Marathi using Unicode. There will be Language Bar on task bar of your computer. From that you will understand which language is active on computer.
  15. 15. We have to use Inscript Keyboard. In this method, it is necessary for us to learn typing. Keyboard layout is given below. Alternative for this is BarahaIME software which includes phonetic keyboard and in script method. For Computer Users, in general, Phonetic keyboard is more easier than in script method. While using BARAH IME in Office 2007, use F11 - Function key for language change.
  16. 16. Ka kA Ki Kee Ku K kRu kRU Klru klRU K~e ke kE kai K~o ko kO Kou kaM kaH
  17. 17. Google Translate
  18. 18. Google Translate Google Translate is a free automatic translator. (Currently supports 57 languages (Available in Hindi but not for Marathi) Translate text To translate words and phrases, select translation language and start typing. The translation result will appear instantly. (PC be Javascript enabled ) Input text phonetically Many languages are difficult to type as keyboard layout is complex While translating, you type these languages as they sound in English - for example, "You" for " " in Hindi, this translation will be displayed in the widow on right hand side.
  19. 19. Google Translate Translate the Document Google Translate is an easy way to translate whole document without the need for copying and pasting block of text. Click translate a document link and submit your file as a PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS or RTF. Original formatting may not be preserved. The Google Translate Web Element allows you to instantly make your website available in other languages.
  20. 20. Google Transliterate – /inputtools/cloud/try/
  21. 21. Google Transliterate – /inputtools/cloud/try/ Google Transliteration converts Roman characters to their phonetic equivalent in desired language, note that this is not translation. - It is the sound of the words that are converted from one alphabet to the other, not their meaning. Transliteration is available for many languages (at present 23 . Transliteration is also available in Blogger, Gmail, Orkut. Correcting and editing words - Sometimes the transliteration may not be what you were looking for. Switching between English and transliteration language - Pressing SHIFT + SPACE after a word skips transliteration of the previous word. Using the dictionary - Google Transliteration has integrated with Google Dictionary to provide a convenient in-place method to look up word meanings across languages.
  22. 22. Thank You