Project+ updated prsntn 2012


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Project+ updated prsntn 2012

  1. 1. Project+ Certification
  2. 2. Why project management certification?  Project Management skills are relevant to every aspect of business  Having a regular procedure in place does not guarantee a project’s success  An increasing number of individuals across business functions contribute to projects  Ownership of different aspects of a project can be shared with team members  Individual contributions, team communication, and developing a project management culture will help drive successful projects 2
  3. 3. Project Management Skills Deliver Results  Better control the time to market for new products and services  Deliver projects that meet requirements  Enhance product quality  Be sensitive to, and get buy-in from, sponsors and stakeholders  Control and communicate project changes effectively  Minimize the impact of risk on projects
  4. 4. Importance of Project Management Skills 37% of all projects “at risk” of failure* • A project is challenged when it’s over budget, behind schedule, delivers poor quality, or doesn’t meet original project objectives. • A project fails when it’s cancelled or not implemented.*ZDNet, Michael Krigsman, March 2011. From Strategies for Project Recovery by PM Solutions, 2011.
  5. 5. Project Management Solutions, Inc. 2011 Study 163 companies surveyed (small, medium, large) Causes of Projects at Risk of Failure  Requirements: Unclear, lack of agreement, lack of priority, contradictory, ambiguous, imprecise.  Resources: Lack of resources, resource conflicts, turnover of key resources, poor planning.  Schedules: Too tight, unrealistic, overly optimistic.  Planning: Based on insufficient data, missing items, insufficient details, poor estimates.  Risks: Unidentified or assumed, not managed.
  6. 6. Ingredients for Success• Why projects succeed:  Project team members with the necessary fundamental project management knowledge  Clear requirements and expectations, defined success criteria, and an understanding of roles and responsibilities  Communication planning and control processes  Identification of potential risks, and development of mitigation plans
  7. 7. CompTIA Project+ Certification 12 months cumulative Vendor Neutral experience Certification- leading small to medium projects Project+ Knowledge • Complete projects on time and within budget Measures • Create common project management Covers entire business and project lifecycle language between team members technical project from initiation • Obtain buy-in from stakeholders through • Proper scheduling and budget control management execution skills
  8. 8. Professionals who benefit from Project+ Target Audience Business professionals involved in projects Project Team Member Project Project (Security Manager Leader Analysts, IT Technicians) 8
  9. 9. Project+ and PMP Comparison of PMP and Project+ exam content The Project+ exam focus is especially on planning, and on change control and communication. As a foundational level exam for project leaders or team members, it is important to build and validate knowledge of the importance of planning, and assessing the impact of changes, on the overall project. % of % of PMP Process Groups/Domains Exam Project+ Objective Domains Exam Initiation 11% Pre-Project Setup/Initiating 12% Planning 23% Project Planning 29% Executing 27% Project Execution and Delivery 23% Monitoring and Controlling 21% Change Control and Communication 27% Closing 9% Project Closure 9% Professional and Social responsibility 9%
  10. 10. More detailed comparison of PMP knowledge areas toProject+ objective components
  11. 11. Project+ Exam Details Requirement • 1 exam • PK0-003 Exam Numbers • 100 questions per exam Length • 90 minutes per exam Recommended • 12 months directing, managing or participating in small to medium size Experience business projects. Languages • English, Japanese, Korean
  12. 12. Points to Know about Project+ Significantly lower barrier to certification than PMP -No prerequisites, vs. educational and experience requirements -Price ($253 vs. $555 non-member price) Project+ Developed with Support of Leading Technology Organizations and Validated by Field Experts CDW requires CompTIA Project+ in certain positions, and it is recommended for project managers at Dell, Ricoh and the U.S. Dept. of State. Project+ certification by U.S. military and military contractors is on the rise. 12