Mobile Marketing - Interacting with Your Audience via Cell and Smart Phones


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Mobile marketing has the potential to change the advertising and marketing space in the same way that the emergence of the Internet did over a decade ago. Forecasts indicate that global spending on mobile marketing and advertising will see a 13-fold increase between 2006 and 2011. The bulk of that spending will come from SMS-based marketing, followed closely behind by video services.

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Mobile Marketing - Interacting with Your Audience via Cell and Smart Phones

  1. 1. Mobile M Marketing Interacting with Your Aud dience via Cell and Smart Pho one
  2. 2. M bil M k ti Mobile Marketing • An Acronym Primer • Short Codes • Service and Infrastruct ture • Utilizing mobile marketing • The mobile marketing code of conduct • Additional content including material not covered in original session and questions from the d session
  3. 3. A Acrony P i An A ym Primer • SMS - Short Messa Service age • MMS - Multimedia Message Service g • 3G - 3rd Generatio of mobile on technology
  4. 4. SM MS •SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE short text messages tthat are sent between mobile phones or IP aaddresses. They can contain a maximum o 160 alpha-numeric of alpha numeric characters but no gra aphics.
  5. 5. MM MS •MULTIMEDIA MESS SERVICE SAGE an extension of the SMS standard that allows for the transmi ission of rich text, images, audio and viddeo. This allows for larger messages and uses WAP to display your content
  6. 6. 3G G •Th 3rd G ti off Mobile T h l The 3 d Generation M bil Technology that enables high-spe internet access eed and video telephony o the mobile d id l h on h bil spectrum, among other features
  7. 7. Sh t C d Short Codes • What is a Sh Code? hort • How do I ge one? et • Should I sha are?
  8. 8. What is a Short Cod de? •A number sequence s shorter than a full telephone number th t can send and receive t l h b that d d i SMS and MMS. A “Common Short Code” is a US short code th t i i t h t d that is interoperablebl between all carriers (no overlap) o
  9. 9. H How D I G t One? Do Get O ? • Use an SMS servic provider that ce provides shared sh codes for use by hort their clients • Secure your own short code • Common Short Cod Administration de www.usshortcodes.c com • Code can only be le eased - not purchased Cost - $500-$1,000 per month
  10. 10. Sh ld I Sh ? Should Share? •Unless you can afford the $500-$1,000 monthly lease then s lease, shared short codes are the way to go •Sharing does have s limitations, some though: • Your audience must always interact with you t using a keyword ( e. “Text STAGE to 41411”) g y (i.e ) • If you change servic providers, your short code ce will change as well g
  11. 11. Servic S ice and d Infrastr t I f tructure How Does It All Happen?
  12. 12. There are thre major paths ee to implemeenting your Mobile M Marketing Proggram g • Software installed on a local d computer (or integrated into your existing database) r • Self-Service Web based Application Self Service b b-based • Full Service /Cus App Provider stom
  13. 13. Installed Software I t ll d S ft •If you are a develope or have one on er staff you can go open source with the n help of the following tutorial: f f http://www developershome com/sms/ •Warning: This is not for th faint of heart he •Or you can purchase the software e •MessageMedia (http://www w.message- has a PC based software called SMS M Messenger
  14. 14. Self-Service Web Self Serv • Appps The number of US Provide has exploded in the last ers p two years. They represent a range of services including: • Bulk Send Only • Send and Receive • Subscription Services s • Database Integration • API’s (Application Pro ogram Interface) • Premium Content and Multimedia d •For an extensive list and upcoming reviews go to: om/mobilemarketing
  15. 15. F ll S i e P id Full Service Providers •These companies design an implement turnkey nd solutions and provide design and implementation advice along the way. •You’ll pay the most for these services and will more e than likely work with a dedica ated client rep. Check out: • OpenMarket - www.ope • mBlox - m • Mobile Commons - www
  16. 16. What C n You D Wh t Can Y Do with Mobile Marketing?
  17. 17. SMS an MMS nd Feat tures • Send Text Al t t Audience S d T t Alerts to Audi • Automatically Respond to Event Info Requests d • Offer Coupons • Send Audio Programs • Send Video Previews • Send Ticketing Confirm mations and Barcodes
  18. 18. Wh Where Do I Begin? Do B i ? •St t with simple ttext alerts Start ith i l xt l t • Tickets going on sale • Last week of run • Special events • S b ib remind Subscriber inders
  19. 19. Wh Where Do I Begin? Do B i ? 1 Start with simple text alerts 1. 2. Add interactive re p esponses 3. Offer multimedia content 4. Talk to your ticke eting provider about existing or upcom g Mobile features g p ming 5. Mobile Donations s
  20. 20. C d of C d t Code f Conduct •The Mobile Marketing Ass sociation’s Global Code of Conduct • Notice • Choice and Consent • Customization and Co onstraint • Security and Accountability •For the Mobile Marketing A Association’s complete code of conduct, go to: f d t t • / bil htt // t h l om/mobilemarketing k ti
  21. 21. Additi Additional M t i l l Material •Mobile Active ( ) •Mobile Giving ( www mobiilegiving org ) •Mobile Marketer ( ) •Guide By Cell ( ) •Zinadoo ( ) ( om •F additionall li k and details, go tto: For dditi links d det il p g om/mobilemarketing g