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Campus21 project flyers

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Campus21 project flyers

  1. 1. Control & Automation Management of Buildings & Public Spaces in the 21st Century CAMPUS21 focuses on energy-efficient operation of public buildings and spaces. It brings together the expertise of national research centres from Germany (Telecommunications), Ireland (IT in AEC, Artificial Intelligence), Austria (Building Physics), and Spain (IT). The management expertise of Public Authorities bundles this with the expertise from multiple industry sectors, such as Construction & Facilities Management, Building Services Systems WP7 – Dissemination Manufacturers and Energy Providers. and Standardisation CAMPUS21 develops, deploys, and tests a Hardware-Software Platform for the integration of existing ICT-subsystems supporting energy, building, and security systems management. The key technological innovations of CAMPUS21 are: WP6 –Load Balancing for  Integration concepts for energy management systems (WP3) BMS and Local Energy Distribution Grids including the related middleware components (WP4)  Development of methodologies for intelligent and optimized control of building services systems (WP5)  Development of algorithms and tools to support load- WP5 – Algorithms & Tools for balancing between renewable micro-generation, storage Control of Micro Generation and Energy Storage systems, and energy consuming devices in buildings and Components public spaces (WP6). Those components are complemented by the development of key business elements, including:  New business models for integrated energy WP4 – Integration Concept & management and the underpinning novel Middleware Components procurements schemes (WP1)  The development of Performance Metrics and a holistic Evaluation Concept for Systems Integration (WP2). WP3 – Use Cases & Guidelines for Integrated Energy Systems Management WP2 – Evaluation & Monitoring Concept WP1 – Business Models & Procurement SchemesCAMPUS21 uses existing demonstrators and living laboratories as nucleus for up-scaling and expandingthe project scope from single building to campus scale. Three sites are used for research and validationof energy and cost savings: a university campus, a multi-purpose sports arena and an indoor sportscomplex.Due to its cross-sectoral membership, CAMPUS21 goes across the whole innovation chain. Itcontributes with ground-breaking innovation to the establishment of world-class infrastructures and theeconomic recovery plan of the European Union.
  2. 2. Control & Automation Management of Buildings & Public Spaces in the 21st CenturyThe deployed distributed middleware of WP4 will be the core of the holistic energy managementsystem, ensuring a modular, scalable and resilient platform design and communication conceptbetween all internal and external components.Expected ImpactIncreasing the efficiency of energy use willmake a huge impact on the European By connecting and integrating three differentenergy consumption, and thereby reduce the “centres of gravity” (Ireland, Spain, Germany)carbon dioxide production, reduce the and stakeholders across the whole supply chaindependency of imported energy and improve of Integrated Energy Systems Management,the environmental conditions. Strengthening CAMPUS21 avoids the creation of innovationthe competitiveness of the European divide and disproportionate impact betweenConstruction Sector will substantially the strongest innovating regions and the others.contribute to the Economic Recovery of the CAMPUS21 contributes to a “cross-sectorial,EU. Fist of all, through collaboration with interdisciplinary innovation convergence”.partners from other sectors, such as the ICTand the Building Automation Sector, theknowledge base of the AEC-sector will beimproved. Secondly, the quality andefficiency of new and existing buildings willbe improved by reducing the operationalcosts. PARTNERS Project funded under the 7th Framework Programme  Project Acronym: Campus21 Project Number: 285729  Project Title: Control & Automation Management of Buildings & Public Spaces in the 21st Century  Project Duration: 1.9.2011 – 31.8.2014 (36 months)  Call identifier: FP7-2011-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EeB Coordinator Contact  Karsten Menzel, University College Cork (Ireland) 

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