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Shapes Strategic Thinking - Selection Criteria


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Ideas on how to address the selection criteria - 'Shapes Strategic Thinking'.

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Shapes Strategic Thinking - Selection Criteria

  1. 1. Selection Criteria Shapes Strategic Thinking
  2. 2. • inspires a sense of purpose and direction • focuses strategically • harnesses information and opportunities • shows judgement, intelligence and commonsense From Integrated Leadership System
  3. 3. At different leadership levels Increasing • length • breadth • complexity of strategic thinking required.
  4. 4. In your previous roles: • What were the contemporary and future challenges/trends? • What documents, and forums established the strategic directions? • How did you engage and communicate with others to support the strategic outcomes? • What actions did you take to ensure operational tasks were aligned to the strategic goals? • What long term risks did you anticipate? Find solutions for? • How did you develop strategic goals, champion the vision and unify your organisation?
  5. 5. In the role you are applying for: What are the contemporary and future challenges: • Political • Economic • Social • Technological
  6. 6. • How can the organisation best position itself to meet future challenges? • What are the long term issues which will inform the organisation’s current decisions? • What different ways of operation may be needed in the future? • What tools/resources will you use to monitor and plan for the future?
  7. 7. I recommend that you view the SlideShare presentation by Maree Conway titled ‘Strategic Thinking: Strategy’s Orphan’ at ategic-thinking-environmental-scanning- presentation
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