Solar canopy project progress pp


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CALSTART recently broke ground on a renewable energy project of our own, a solar canopy and rooftop installation, which will provide clean power for our building and our electric vehicles. Check out some pictures of the progress thus far. Solar installation by: SoCal Solar Energy. Panels by: Solar World

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Solar canopy project progress pp

  1. 1. Solar Canopy Project Progress In January 2012, CALSTART, the nation’s leading clean transportation consortium, broke ground on a solar project at Pasadena’s HQ building. The parking lot canopy and rooftop solar panels will provide clean, renewable energy to the building, and allow our growing fleet of electric vehicles to charge with zero emission electricity. Check out the project’s progress in these slides.
  2. 2. Parking lot: Before
  3. 3. Parking lot: Before
  4. 4. Parking lot:Canopy footing prep
  5. 5. Roof: Panel prep
  6. 6. Beams delivered
  7. 7. Beams and panels
  8. 8. Beam installation
  9. 9. Beam installation
  10. 10. Beam installation
  11. 11. Rooftop ready
  12. 12. Solar Canopy Project Progress We’re nearing completion on our HQ’s solar canopy and rooftop installation. Check back often to see the project’s progress. Solar installation by: SoCal Solar Energy Panels by: SolarWorld USA