Part1 jt gts rng session 030511


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Part1 jt gts rng session 030511

  1. 1. Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) <br />RNG as a Transportation Fuel<br />What is it?<br />Where does it come from?<br />Costs<br />Benefits<br />
  2. 2. CALSTART: A Strategic Broker for Advanced Transportation <br />2010<br />130+ Worldwide Participant Network<br />3 Offices in US<br />Four focus areas:<br />Tech Commercialization<br /> Fleet, Port Consulting<br /> Industry Services<br /> Policy Development<br />National and International in Project Areas<br />
  3. 3. Methane<br />Natural gas<br />RNG<br />Natural Gas & RNG<br />Renewable Fuel<br />Fossil Fuel<br />Less GHG Emissionsthan Petroleum<br />Net zero or negative GHG Emissions<br />
  4. 4. Renewable Natural Gas<br />RNG is renewable<br />Net zero or even negative GHG emissions<br />Climate change will become the predominant driver going forward<br />NG vehicle market growing in CA (20% transit are NGV)<br />NG is 30% cheaper than gasoline<br />RNG<br />Residential<br />Industrial<br />NG<br />Filling stations<br />Renaissance in interest in biomethane in CA<br />
  5. 5. RNG, Biomethane & Biogas<br />Biogas is a naturally occurring byproduct of decomposing organic material<br />Sources: municipal solid waste, animal waste agricultural waste, etc…<br />RNG or Biomethane is cleaned-up biogas after removal of CO2, H2O, H2S, and other<br />RNG is identical in composition to natural gas – mostly methane (CH4)<br />
  6. 6. Waste as Source of Energy<br />US largest producer of waste in the world<br />Huge possibilities in recycling and using as energy feedstock<br />CA generates ~ 88 million tons of waste; 60 million tons of organic waste = 2 GW potential energy<br />CA has 2,000 dairy farms = 2GW potential energy<br /><ul><li> Agricultural waste
  7. 7. Animal byproducts
  8. 8. Wood waste
  9. 9. Rice and wheat straw
  10. 10. MSW
  11. 11. Waste water</li></li></ul><li>Process flow for AD creation of RNG<br />
  12. 12. Biogas & RNG: Economic Assessment<br />RNG (Biomethane) is a renewable and low-carbon transportation fuel<br />What are the costs?<br />Based on actual production cost data from agricultural farm waste<br />Biogas production via digestion<br />Upgrading biogas to biomethane<br />Total cost of biomethane produced can be competitive with conventional natural gas<br />$9-11/MMBTU for small facility<br />$6-8/MMBTU for medium facility<br />vs $5-8/MMBTU market price for NG (variable - lower right now - $4)<br />Methane<br />Off-the-Shelf Equipment is Used to Upgrade Digester Gas to Transportation Quality Biomethane<br />
  13. 13. Biomethane is the Lowest Carbon Fuel Tested by CARB<br />Biomethane has the lowest carbon content of any fuel analyzed by CARB:<br />Fuel Pathway Impact (gCO2e/MJ)<br />Landfill gas to renewable CNG 11.26<br />Biogas to renewable CNG 13.45<br />Landfill gas to renewable LNG 15.56<br />Biogas to renewable LNG 17.78<br />Electricity (best case renewable mix) 34.90<br />Hydrogen (best case scenario) 33.09<br />Ethanol (Corn - best case) 46.60*<br />Ethanol (Brazilian sugarcane) 27.40*<br />Ethanol (Forest waste – best case) 21.40<br />Gasoline (CA reformulated) 96.09<br />Diesel (ULSD) 94.71<br />Fossil (conventional) Natural Gas 68.00<br />*Does not include indirect land use change emissions for ethanol<br />Biomethane<br /><ul><li>Greater than 80% carbon reduction compared with conventional fuels
  14. 14. Less than half the carbon emissions of electricity and H2
  15. 15. Lower carbon emissions than cellulosic ethanol</li></ul>Other Alt. Fuels<br />Fossil Fuels<br />
  16. 16. Natural Gas is a Proven and Reliable Alternative Fuel<br />More than 6,000 buses are powered by natural gas in the United States – most of which are in Southern California<br />CA has an impressive network of >150 public NG refueling stations that make driving any where in the state feasible<br />RNG could easily supply all CA NG vehicles:<br />Nearly 15 billion ft3 potential<br />About 1.4 billion GGEs<br />