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CALSTART Presentation - Boesel


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CALSTART Presentation - Boesel

  1. 1. Workplace Charging – Employer EV InitiativeJune 5, 2013John Boesel – CALSTART1
  2. 2. Can double dailydriving range,enabling evenlong distancecommuters to useEVs.Adds flexibility towork day andrange comfort.Workplace Charging
  3. 3. Commuters Can Charge at Work» 60% of vehicles onroad are commutervehicles» We need to focus onworkplace charging3
  4. 4.  Fills a critical gap in PEVInfrastructure needs Extends the range of PEVsand builds the market Allows for more electriconly miles for PHEV’s Creates local ‘PEVshowrooms’ for info sharingon vehicles EV’s can act as ‘employeepool cars’ for day tripsImportance of Workplace Charging
  5. 5. Employer Benefits of WorkplaceCharging• Employee benefit• Attraction and retentionof employees• Green corporate image• Leadership• GHG reduction• LEED points
  6. 6. 1 Workplace Charger for Every 3 PEVs= Need 300,000 workplace EVSE by 2017210,000350,000
  7. 7. Numbers11Source NavigantTARGET• Year 4 (2013) ~ 35,000workplace EVSEs• Year 8 (2017) ~ 300,000workplace chargersCURRENT NUMBERS - ?DOE’s Alt Fuel Station Locator7,500 EV stations total6,100 EV private
  8. 8. Program Goals81) Increase workplace charging to 300,000 by 2017Rule of thumb – annually double the number ofworkplace EVSEs2) Ensure affordable workplace charging -maintain the advantage of “cheaper fuel cost”3) Streamline and simplify installing andpermitting nationwide
  9. 9. Program Steps to Grow WorkplaceChargingRegional Workshops to Launch/Encourage Regional ActivityDevelop a Database of Current Efforts per RegionUnderstand Barriers to Growth of Workplace ChargingDevelop Tools to Assist Employers and Simplify ProcessCreate Advisory Council – Support National StrategyMeasure Progress9
  10. 10. CALSTARTs Workplace ChargingOutreach Projects and WorkshopsCALIFORNIA• Workplace Chargingworkshop #1 (GoogleJuly 2012)• Employer EV MonthlyForumMICHIGAN partnershipwith Next Energy• Workplace chargingworkshop #2 June 182013OHIO partnership withClean Fuels Ohio• Outreach and surveywith Ohio Employers• Workshop #3 in Fall2013CALSTART workplace charging projects & partnerships
  11. 11. Regional Workshop• Launch/support regional effort• Evaluate the level of interest• Identify leading companies in region• Relationship with local partners• Start a database of workplace charging in region
  12. 12. Barriers, Tools and ResourcesUnderstand Barriers to faster growthIdentify process steps that are too costlyand/or lengthyIdentify successfully implemented programs –what makes them specialToolkit for Workplace Charging – BestPractices Guideline with regular updatesWebsite to share resources across regions andshowcase case studies
  13. 13. EEVIAdvisory Council13 Work with stakeholders – utilities, OEMs,policy-makers, large employers, real estatemanager… to support national strategypromoting workplace charging Define needs for funding support and in whatform
  14. 14. Some EEVI Activities to Date 2 Workshops - CA and MI 7 monthly web meetings of EEVI – employer to employerexchange of experiences, solutions, ideas, questions First dedicated website ( and it’s revisions Coming Soon ! Best Practices Guide for Workplace ChargingMotivators for employersBarriers and SolutionsHow to install and implement workplace chargingEmployer policies supportive of PEVsCosts and TaxesCase studies14
  15. 15. CALSTARTClean TransportationTechnologiesand SolutionsJasna