HTUF 2013 National Meeting highlights and plans for 2014 Dec 11 2013


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High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum highlights its national meeting in October 2013, and previews plans for 2014. Includes info on Working Groups such as the Military Truck Action Group (MTAG). Webinar held for HTUF members in December 2013, hosted by Kevin Beaty, VP of CALSTART and HTUF Director.

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HTUF 2013 National Meeting highlights and plans for 2014 Dec 11 2013

  1. 1. National HTUF Update on Policy and Technology Webinar, December 11, 2013 HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.
  2. 2. While Waiting…. » To Participate you need to enter your PIN number – did you do that yet? » The webinar will last approximately one hour » The presentation will be available on our website in approximately 2 days » Questions will be taken at the end of the presentation » Are you a CALSTART member and are interested in presenting at a CALSTART webinar? Contact Susan Romeo at
  3. 3. • • • HTUF National Meeting Highlights & 2014 Plans Key 2014 Industry Funding Opportunities Upcoming Events relevant to HTUF Stakeholders HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.
  4. 4. Highlights of HTUF 2013 National Meeting and Plans for 2014 Kevin Beaty & Steve Sokolsky CALSTART HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.
  5. 5. 21 Advanced Vehicles HTUF National Meeting By the Numbers 29 Fleet Attendees 261 Attendees
  6. 6. 2013 HTUF Annual Meeting Survey Results 100 90 Weighted Average Results 80 Excellent 70 Above Average 60 50 Average 40 30 Below Average 20 10 Poor 0 Agenda Location 1 Venue Ride & Drive
  7. 7. 2013 HTUF Annual Meeting Survey Results 16 Like Dislike Number of Responses 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Ride & Drive as Central Event Shift from "Expo" to "Meeting" Dedicated Working Groups (Day 1)
  8. 8. Feedback Themes - Comments • Make National Meeting a 2 day event (not 3) • Hotel venue too expensive • Agenda can be improved… – New speakers, less repetition, WG = discussion • • • • Ride & Drive Focus & “Parade” were a big hit! Need to get more fleets to participate/engage Fine tune Technology Showcase timing/format Increase Military presence and interaction
  9. 9. 2014 HTUF Annual Meeting Argonne National Lab, Sep 23-24, 2014 Mark Your Calendars! 2-Day Event with WG’s and Ride & Drive
  10. 10. CTAG Stakeholders
  11. 11. Key CTAG Takeaways • Cross-Cutting Issues good fit for HTUF focus – More appropriate than picking HE Tech winners • Webinars (30-60 minutes) good update tool • Many Cross-Cutting issues & HE Technologies appear to have a common thread re: certification – Start/Stop implementation complicated by 2013 OBD – Retrofit, Start-Ups and Low Volume handicapped – Today’s certification process discourages innovation • Fleets can be key asset in lobbying for change
  12. 12. Cross-Cutting Issues • Nationwide Voucher Incentive Expansion – Webinar scheduled for Dec 19 (3:00 PM EST) • HD Hybrid OBD Resolution – Follow-up meeting with ARB staff held on Oct 30 – Alt Fuel OBD Extension <4,500/yr; Hybrid next… • Fleet Deployment Best Practices – Forming WG – Goals, Deliverables, Timing TBD • Reduced Battery Life Cycle Costs – Continued dialogue b/n Fleets and Suppliers
  13. 13. Top Technologies • Combined Alt Fuel + Hybrid – E.g., Near Zero Emission  CNG/LNG + HEV • • • • • Hybrid Electric PHEV (Range Extended EV) Electrification of Accessories Export Power Start/Stop
  14. 14. Military Truck Action Group (MTAG) Steven Sokolsky HTUF Webinar December 11, 2013
  15. 15. MTAG Stakeholders
  16. 16. Initial Action Group Priorities • Match commercial technology development efforts to military platforms through roadmaps • Compare commercial lifecycle cost analysis practices to military’s • Identify & establish mission profiles to help industry more accurately test • Align vehicle automation activities • Engage key military stakeholders
  17. 17. Technology Roadmapping • With new emphasis on sustainment, how will military integrate new more efficient technologies? • Which platforms are ripe for upgrade? • What can military incorporate from ongoing tech development programs such as DOE SuperTruck, I-710 or CalHEAT?
  18. 18. First Roadmap Activities • Build advanced tech matrix by military platform • Analyze M915 longhaul tractor, analyze commercial similarities, recomme nd best opportunities
  19. 19. Lifecycle Cost Analysis • Lifecycle cost is a big issue for both industry & military • Industry: Military has an inconsistent vision of where technology is going & what is the value • Military: “Performance is the cake, lifecycle cost is the icing”
  20. 20. • • • • TARDEC 30-Year Strategic Plan Element: Reduce Lifecycle Costs of Ground Systems Improve data utilization Enhance skill sets, especially in “reliability” Seek opportunities to reduce O&S costs Exceed system performance objectives Key Outcomes • Collect lifecycle cost drivers for each ground system • Analyze cost driver data to help identify projects • Develop “-ity” metrics for Science & Technology efforts and demonstrate through project execution
  21. 21. Working Group Recommendations on LCC • Facilitate briefings for military planners – connect them with commercial OEMs, suppliers & fleets on LCC practices • Tie mission profile knowledge (peacetime vs. wartime) to LCC practices • Add a business roadmap to the technology roadmap
  22. 22. Call to Action • Commercial industry participation needed: educate military on LCC practices • Provide us information on commercial LCC practices – join us in sessions with military stakeholders Contact: Steve Sokolsky (510) 307-8772
  23. 23. Key Takeaways Report available online at: HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.
  24. 24. Voucher Update and 2014 Forecast - California, New York and Chicago Tom Brotherton CALSTART HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.
  25. 25. HVIP Driving National Market • 1,671 vouchers requested for $47.6M in 40 months in California • During this 40 month period, trucks with ARB vouchers accounted for: – 37% of national hybrid truck sales (1,286 trucks) – 75% of national electric truck sales (380 trucks) • $19M New York voucher program launched – Electric, hybrid-electric, NG trucks • $11M Chicago E-truck voucher program to launch fall 2013
  26. 26. Voucher Funding History • CA ARB: FY10 $19M FY11 $18M FY12 $10M • CA Air Districts & CEC: $ 6M • $54M in vouchers issued in 40 months ~$15M/year average funding rate
  27. 27. Voucher Funding Available in 2014 CA ARB FY14 $14M San Joaquin APCD $ 1M NY State E-Trucks $ 9M NY City AFVs $ 6M Chicago E-trucks $11M $41M in voucher funding available
  28. 28. California • ARB FY14 program ~ Mar 2014 launch • $14M in voucher funding • Wait list open – Fleets work through their dealer(s) • AQIP funding secured through 2023
  29. 29. New York • $9M NY State E-truck Initiative launched Aug 9, 2013 – $60k vouchers • $6M NYC AFV Initiative ~ Jan 2014 launch – EV, HEV and CNG – 80% of incremental cost up to $40k per truck – Additional $5.5M in voucher funding to be added • $4M NYC Diesel Emission Controls – 80% of incremental cost ~ Mar 2014 launch
  30. 30. Chicago • $11M E-truck Initiative ~ Jan 2014 launch • E-trucks, E-buses • OEM vehicles and conversions • Voucher amounts scaled to battery size – 40 kWh = $30,000 – 100 kWh = $52,500 – 320 kWh = $135,000
  31. 31. National Voucher Expansion • Industry initiative to expand voucher programs across US • Dec 19 Webinar – program details • Targeting $100M per year in voucher funding • Requires industry participation and funding • Register at: 509705
  32. 32. Low Carbon Zero Emission Bus Update Fred Silver CALSTART HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.
  33. 33. Low Carbon Zero Emission Bus Program PC40 PC 58 December 10, 2013 CALSTART –HTUF Webinar 33
  34. 34. CALSTART Low Carbon and Zero Emission Bus Program • 2018 (5-Year) Goal: Support the industry in meeting the FTA’s Electric Drive Strategic Plan goal of 12,000 zero-emission buses (ZEBs) buses by 2030. The interim goal would be 775 ZEBs in service or on-order by 2018. • CALSTART Managing nearly $30M State and Federal fund investments in Fuel Cell Buses, Battery Electric Buses and Hybrid Buses – Projects include • • • • • Newly designed buses Advanced generation fuel cell development Advanced energy storage development Advanced component development Studies American Fuel Cell Bus UTC PC40 UTC/US Hybrid PC 58 CALSTART Fuel Cell Bus Market Study ZEPS Bus Stockton Bus
  35. 35. Federal Transit Administration’s MAP-21 NO and Low Emission Research and Deployment Program • CALSTART Leading Zero Emission Transit Bus Coalition to secure ZEB funding of a research and deployment program under the Transportation Bill ( MAP-21) – Ten fleets-four bus makers- plus multiple suppliers • As a result, MAP-21 Authorized a $70M/year Program to invest in – “Research”, – “Innovation and Development” – and “Deployment” including a significant Zero and low emission bus element of 65%
  36. 36. FY13 and FY14 MAP-21 Program • Continuing resolution authorized $35M FY13 – $24M anticipated for Zero Emission Bus deployment Program • Notice of Funding Advisory within next 30 days • CALSTART actively working with Transit Agency, Bus Maker and Suppliers to partner up • ZEB coalition joint letter sent on November 21st to House and Senate Committee Chairpersons to promote full funding of MAP21 in FY14 • ZEB Coalition Principles for reauthorization of ZEB funding in FY15 to start soon – Please contact to be involved and stay informed
  37. 37. CEC – Advanced MD/HD Vehicles Bill Van Amburg CALSTART HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.
  38. 38. Funding Opportunity: Advanced Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles • California Energy Commission (CEC) has multiple yearly funding opportunities for clean transportation (these are the funds CALSTART helped create – AB118 and AB8) • BIG funding area is advanced technology for vehicles • Pending: Project Opportunity Notice (PON) for Advanced Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  39. 39. How Much? When? For What? HOW MUCH: • CEC has set aside ~$15M for advanced medium and heavy-duty vehicles in this round WHEN: • Had HOPED it would be available already – But: still delayed internally – expect it in first quarter 2014 FOR WHAT: • Hybrid, plug‐in hybrid, and all‐electric drive in M/HD vehicl es, demos of new natural gas engines, high-efficiency powertrain • Post prototype; pre-commercial demonstrations – 3-5 years to production
  40. 40. Who? • Details TBD – but….Based on last PON, individual projects would be combined, proposed and administered by a non-profit organization – CALSTART is managing $18M of CEC funding for 10 current projects • Projects: Any firms can propose via the nonprofit – last round projects needed an OEM and fleet (deployment) partner – Calif demo required; Calif partners help
  41. 41. Broad Range of Tech • All-electric Class 8 (Transpower) • NG-range extended elec Class 8 (Artisan) • Plug-in Class 8 (Mack/Volvo)
  42. 42. » Hybrid excavator (Caterpillar) » Hybrid wheel loader (Volvo)
  43. 43. » All electric bus (Proterra) » All-American Fuel Cell Bus (Ballard/BAE)
  44. 44. » Electric shuttle, adv anced EV system (Motiv) » Plug-in utility trouble trucks (Odyne) » Range Extended EV bus (EVI – not shown)
  45. 45. What Are We Looking For? CTAG Tech Priorities California Tech Priorities Combined alt fuel /hybrid Combined alt fuel HEV; PHEV; EREV /hybrid High efficiency HEV; PHEV; EREV powertrain Electrification Electrification Export Power Fuel cell/H2 Start-stop CA TargetNat gas/Low NOx engines Segments Zero /Low Emission Goods Movement Zero Emission Transit Bus
  46. 46. Background Documents CEC Investment Plan /2012publications/CEC-600-2012- CalHEAT Roadmap ARB Vision Plan 710 Zero Emission Truck Report 008/CEC-600-2012-008-CMF.pdf planning/vision/vision. htm Projects/CalHEAT/Rese arch-and-MarketTransformationRoadmap.aspx /Projects/I-710Project.aspx
  47. 47. Next Steps • Do you have technology that can address these needs – and would benefit from funding to move more quickly to market? • Contact CALSTART staff – Fred Silver, Mike Ippoliti or Bill Van Amburg – to set up a private briefing • Provide feedback to CEC on your technology at upcoming January advisory meeting; personal briefings
  48. 48. Upcoming Events • NY Clean Truck Incentives Webinar – Dec 12, 2:00 PM EST • Nationwide Voucher Incentives Expansion Webinar – Dec 19, 3:00 PM EST • World LNG Fuels Conference – Jan 21-23, 2014 in Houston, TX – 3 LNG Trucking Tracks organized and moderated by CALSTART • Nationwide Voucher Expansion Kick-Off Meeting – Jan 28, 2014, Pasadena, CA • NAFA Green Trucking Tracks at NAFA’s Institute & Expo – April 8-11, 2014, Minneapolis, MN • NE Regional HTUF Fleet Workshop and Ride & Drive – April 16, 2014
  49. 49. Northeast Regional HTUF Fleet Workshop & Ride and Drive Wednesday, April 16, 2013 Queens Theatre, Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY
  50. 50. HTUF Workshop Overview • City of New York Partnership • Venue • Program Goals and Objectives • Ride and Drive • Fleet Listening Session • Sponsorship Opportunities • Website Coming Soon! Queens Theatre
  51. 51. Get Involved! Alycia Gilde NYT-VIP Project Leader, Northeast Representative CALSTART (718) 303 – 0787
  52. 52. Open Discussion
  53. 53. Next HTUF Webinar Update planned for: February 6, 2014 HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.