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Stand Up For Zimbabwe Photos


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Stand Up For Zimbabwe Photos

  1. 1. Jocelyn Jee puts final touches to her hair before the show
  2. 2. Comedian Carl Donnelly relaxes in the dressing room
  3. 3. Jocelyn opens the show and gets the crowd going
  4. 4. Carl with a laid-back and brilliantly juvenile performance
  5. 5. The packed house is captivated by the show
  6. 6. Stefano Paolini keeps laughs coming with tales of South London
  7. 7. And some of its frustrations!
  8. 8. Rosie and Helen get ready to perform as Geordie teenagers
  9. 9. And on stage as Tamsin and Summer, the obnoxious schoolgirls
  10. 10. Backstage, the comedians share a joke between performances
  11. 11. And Paul Kerensa continues the night with his ginger japery
  12. 12. Stephen Carlin awaits his slot
  13. 13. Then delivers his brilliant deadpan performance
  14. 14. The crowd shows its appreciation
  15. 15. As Patrick Monahan brings audience participation to the night
  16. 16. And ends the show with his superbly improvised material
  17. 17. Thanks to everyone who came along to support our work in Zimbabwe. To find out more, please go to: