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Picture My World: Friends


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What do you think makes a good friend? This presentation helps children to think about the meaning of friendship by sharing photos of their friends

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Picture My World: Friends

  1. 2. The Picture my World photographers took photos of their friends. What do you think makes a good friend?
  2. 3. Perhaps it’s someone you enjoy playing games with.
  3. 4. Someone who helps you if you find something difficult. Or someone who listens to you whether you’re telling a joke or having a moan!
  4. 5. Maybe your friend knows exactly what to do to cheer you up when you’re feeling sad.
  5. 6. But sometimes people fall out. Sometimes groups of people or even countries fall out. When this happens they need to say sorry and make peace with one another. What can CAFOD do if this happens? Let’s find out.
  6. 7. In some parts of the world there is fighting. People are forced to leave their homes for safety. These pictures were taken in a camp in Darfur, Sudan. CAFOD’s partners provide shelter, food, safe water, medicine and schools for the families living there.
  7. 8. These pictures were taken in the Philippines. CAFOD’s partners are helping people from different religions to build a peaceful future together.
  8. 9. Reflect May we learn from our friends near and far, sharing knowledge to build a peaceful world together, so each of us can grow and realise our full potential.
  9. 11. Photos by: Picture my World Photographers in Phnom Penh and Wakefield, Paul Jeffrey, Annie Bungeroth, CAFOD Illustrations by: Per Karlen