Pakistan floods


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Pakistan floods

  1. 1. In July 2010 exceptional monsoon rains caused heavy flooding in northern Pakistan. The water rapidly moved south and at one point covered approximately one-fifth of the country – an area larger than England. Pakistan floods one year on
  2. 2. More than18 million people were affected by the floods – more than the Indian Ocean tsunami (2004), Cyclone Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake (2010) combined. Today, at least 450,000 families are still in need of permanent shelter.  
  3. 3. Two women demonstrate the level of flooding on one of only three houses that weren’t washed away in the village of Parto Malik in southern Pakistan. The flood was the first to strike the village for nearly forty years.
  4. 4. The picture Rashida (11) holds is of her 17-year-old brother, who was killed in the floods. She fled the village with her mother, Sat Bai, and couldn’t return for three months. “I was very happy to get a new shelter,” says Sat Bai. “I thank God that he has given me a home.”
  5. 5. A man in Parto Malik with a shelter kit provided by our partners – bamboo, plastic sheeting and reed matting.
  6. 6. Villagers construct shelters in Parto Malik using the kits that we provided. In total, we have reached more than 65,000 people through emergency shelter and ongoing longer term shelter projects.
  7. 7. We also provided hygiene kits, including water purification tablets, to over 80,000 people and continue to help another 42,000 people secure access to clean water. Over 130,000 people have participated in our hygiene trainings to prevent the spread of disease.
  8. 8. <ul><li> Our partner AWARD are providing goats to women in remote villages. With farm-land damaged and animals killed over a huge area, we have helped thousands of families make a living again through projects that rebuild homes and irrigation canals, or by supplying tools, seeds and livestock. </li></ul>
  9. 9. We will continue to work in Pakistan for the long-term, helping people rebuild their lives, and ensuring that they are prepared for future disasters.
  10. 10. Photos: Robert Cruickshank, Lucy Morris, Monika Vrsanska/CAFOD Eoghan Rice/Trócaire AWARD