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Picture my World: House Rules


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Presentation for children about our rules and guidelines for posting comments to

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Picture my World: House Rules

  1. 1. HOUSE RULES for leaving comments
  2. 2. Don’t give out any personal information , such as where you live, your phone number or email address, your school or any places where you hang out.
  3. 3. We don’t want any rude words on this site! Don’t swear or use language that is rude. *@%$!!
  4. 4. Don’t be spiteful or nasty. We do not tolerate bullying online and will delete any messages that could be hurtful to others.
  5. 5. Stick to the subject , try not to talk about things that are not to do with the photographs or other comments.
  6. 6. Don’t mention other websites. Remember this site is used by children and the websites you mention might not be suitable for everyone.
  7. 7. Don’t pretend to be somebody else!
  8. 8. If your messages break any of these rules then we won’t be able to post them on the site. Stay safe online and enjoy Picture my World!