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Graffiti for health in Haiti


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Graffiti for health in Haiti

  1. 1. A haitian graffiti artist is helping our partner, Caritas to promote hygiene practices for people living in camps after the earthquake in Haiti.
  2. 2. Jerry Rosembert, who used to only paint under the cover of darkness, is famous in Haiti for his Graffiti art. But he has blown his cover to bring a message to the people.
  3. 3. “ I am spraying for change. It is my mission to talk to the Haitian people. I create funny pictures about social topics to help people.”
  4. 4. Using characters like “Mr Fresh the rocker” and “Mrs Victor the cleaner”, Jerry gets across messages about keeping your hands clean and basic hygiene practices. The funny drawings appeal to everybody – including young people and those who can’t read.
  5. 5. The initiative has been received with great interest by people living in the camps. They are happy someone cares about their situation and are glad that their walls are brightened by Jerry’s pictures.