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  • This is Eric in the garden collecting vegetables. This land that surrounds Eric’s house is really good for growing food. To get to Eric’s house, you have to travel down a clay road on the side of a hill. There is a wonderful view from Eric’s house of palm trees and lush green hills.
  • Always look for ways you can live peacefully and be united.” Rwanda has come a long way since the war. It is now a peaceful country and children are leading the way by taking care of each other. Thanks to your help, CAFOD can continue to help families like Eric’s by helping them find ways to help themselves through work, such as growing and selling vegetables.
  • Eric's story powerpoint for pmw

    1. 1. Harvest Fast Day 1 st October 2010 Eric’s story
    2. 2. My name is Eric and I am 8 years old. I live in Rwanda. My family
    3. 3. I live with my seven brothers and sisters and my niece. My sister Julienne is 18 years old and looks after us all. My family
    4. 4. This is me collecting vegetables in the garden. CAFOD is helping my family to grow potatoes and aubergines to eat, and to sell to make money. My family
    5. 5. This is my niece Benita collecting our vegetables. Julienne is part of a group of young people who started a business through CAFOD growing food, and Benita and I help her look after the crops.
    6. 6. This is me at home. I share a bedroom with my brothers and sisters, and our beds are made up of stones which are on the floor with a mattresses on top. My family
    7. 7. Here I am doing my homework. I love maths at school. I pray to God that I can finish my studies, live a good life and be able to help my family as well. My family
    8. 8. I like to help out at home. In the evenings I look for wood to cook supper, and I help to prepare dinner. Do you do any jobs at home? My family
    9. 9. My best friends are called Fizz, Fabreze and Simiona. We play lots of games together. Here I am playing with Julienne my sister, and my niece Benita. Do you like skipping? My family
    10. 10. I love to sing. In our choir we are united and sing well to build peace in our country.
    11. 11. I think it is important to always look for ways you can live peacefully and be united. My family
    12. 12. You can find out about other children like me living in Rwanda! Look at their photos here on Picture my World!