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CAFOD DRC Slideshow

  1. 1. Feza M’Nyampundu, 48 Two men raped me in front of my husband. I was taken to the forest and for three days I was raped by many men.
  2. 2. Justine M’Gahama, 49 A man speaking Kinyarwanda raped me and killed all the children in my village.
  3. 3. Furaha M’Musema, 17 I was taken to the forest and held by rebels for three months. I was raped every day.
  4. 4. Speciose M’Bazima, 60 I was raped by three rebel soldiers in my house. They killed my neighbours.
  5. 5. Vumilia Mwa Cirhalabwa, 30 I was taken into the forest by the rebels. I came back with a child and now my husband has left me.
  6. 6. Rachel Widuhaye, 23 I was raped by eight soldiers and carried on their backs to the camp. I was held for three months as the “wife” of the commandant.
  7. 7. Bahati M’Mirindi, 48 I was held by the rebels for two days as a sex slave.
  8. 8. Baramwa M’Lutwamuzire, 50 I was taken to the forest and for three days I was raped by many men.
  9. 9. Esperance M’Mirindi, 40 In the night two men came and raped me in my home.
  10. 10. Nakatya M’Maroyi, 45 Since being raped I have been made to feel ashamed by my village.
  11. 11. Nsimire M’Cinyali, 55 I was raped in my house and my husband was killed because he tried to defend me.
  12. 12. Nakatya M’Kabarhula, 40 For six months I was held by the troops in the bush. They treated me like a sex slave.
  13. 13. Ntakwinja M’Migabo, 30 I was raped in the forest for three years. When I returned I was terribly infected and sick.
  14. 14. Domicile M’Bigarura, 32 Bandits raped me and my friends on the way to the market.
  15. 15. Iranga Mwa Mukono, 52 They came to my house and raped me and killed my husband.
  16. 16. Cikwanine Mwa Cirhuza, 22 I was taken in 2003 and returned in 2005. I was raped by many men.
  17. 17. Cesarine M’Mushegera, 32 I was raped by three men.
  18. 18. Valarie M’Zihindula, 40 I was raped by three men and then I managed to escape. They killed my husband.
  19. 19. Jeannine M’Ntabahirwa, 30 I was held for two days in the forest and raped.
  20. 20. Mapendo M’Masumbuko, 26 They killed my husband and my children. Then they raped me.
  21. 21. M’Mweze Nsimire, 40 They took everything I had and burned down my house. They raped me in the forest for two weeks.
  22. 22. Zawadi Karoro, 25 They held me in the forest for two months and I fell pregnant. I am now often ill.
  23. 23. M’Namihamya Munyerenkana, 50 The rebels came in the night and raped my daughter to death. Then they raped me.
  24. 24. Furaha M’Nkunzi, 30 I was raped by so many, I lost count.
  25. 25. Esperance M’Mulithi, 55 Two men raped me, killed my husband and then took me into the forest.
  26. 26. Kulondwa M’Maroyi, 18 I was taken while I was collecting water. They held me for two weeks.
  27. 27. Mawazo Banywesize, 35
  28. 28. Vumilia M’Cizungu, 45
  29. 29. Esperance M’Mulirhi, 55
  30. 30. Faida M’Mugwa, 30
  31. 31. Adeline M’Mushagalusa, 47
  32. 32. Balemba M’Kalyoga, 35
  33. 33. Maria M’Bayishire, 45
  34. 34. Aline Maroyi, 17
  35. 35. Fidelia M’Zihindula, 30
  36. 36. Vumilia M’Buhendwa, 45 I was raped for three days in the forest.
  37. 37. Therese M’Cimanuka, 39 I was raped by many men and I was hurt and I can’t remember it anymore.
  38. 38. Nsimire M’Mugisho, 35 I was held for seven days and raped by the forest men.
  39. 39. Anna M’Mugisho, 44
  40. 40. Zawadi Vumilia, 22 I escaped after eight months held as a sex slave. A farmer hid me and then took me home.
  41. 41. Women and their children at CAFOD's Mgunga Listening Room in Goma.