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Bijoli's vegetable garden


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Bijoli's vegetable garden

  1. 1. Bijoli’s vegetable garden – pictures sent to you from Kainmari
  2. 2. Bijoli, who lives in Kainmari, Bangladesh, is married with two daughters. Her husband is a hospital porter. She has been trained by CAFOD’s partner Caritas Bangladesh to cultivate vegetables that will thrive in land contaminated with saltwater. Welcome to Kainmari, southern Bangladesh
  3. 3. “ In winter I will prune the branches of jujube trees and will cultivate winter vegetables,” says Bijoli.
  4. 4. “ In the summer the branches of jujube trees make the vegetable plot shady so I cultivated a shadow loving vegetable – aroid,” says Bijoli. “We eat this three or four days a week.”
  5. 5. Bijoli has also been trained in duck-rearing and given 34 ducks to start a small business.
  6. 6. “ I think education is the only thing that can lead to a better life,” says Bijoli. “ I hope my daughters will be more successful than me.”
  7. 7. Bijoli’s neighbours Profulla and Mamata need 500 taka a month (£5) to pay for an English and Maths tutor for their daughter. Profulla says: “At school there are 70 students in the class and it’s not possible for one teacher to look after them all. “ To help her get good grades I will reduce family expenses and save money for my daughter to have a better education.”
  8. 8. Profulla and his wife are increasing their income by rearing ducks and keeping small-scale shrimp ponds.
  9. 9. What your money can buy: £23 will buy baby shrimps, a bamboo basket, and training for a family to start their own shrimp farm. £35 will buy 25 ducklings, fencing and training for a family to start their own duck farm. £200 will pay for seeds, fertiliser, fencing materials and training for five families to start a vegetable garden and fruit orchard.
  10. 10. Thank you Picture credits: Caritas Bangladesh