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Counselor cop 2 23-12 meeting overview


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Overview of the First MetLife Counselor Community of Practice Call

Published in: Education
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Counselor cop 2 23-12 meeting overview

  1. 1. MetLife Project: Counselor Community of Practice Call 2/23/12Attendees: Columbus State Community College Portland Community College -Chandra Bell -Valorie Adler -Clare Jordan -Andrew Roessler -Lori Brown -Mariette Schlep (PCC Partner) -Clayton Gibson -Terri Long Red Rocks community College -Amanda Jennings -Sarah Goepel -Nancy Carlson Hennepin Technical College -Judy Swanson -Matt GustafsonCommunity of Practice Topics and DiscussionTopic: Working with the Mature Student -How do we make mature students a priority? -Are there opportunities for credit for Prior Learning Assessment to ease the transition back into the classroom for mature students?Discussion:At some colleges enrollment has leveled out a bit, giving counseling staff time to step back and take alook at the bigger picture and begin to plan more targeted efforts around certain demographics ofpotential students, such as the mature worker. In several cases the colleges have mentorship programswhere mature students or veterans mostly, can take on leadership roles among the other students andhelp in providing counseling and registration services. This model allows likeminded students toconnect with each other and feel more at east transitioning back in college or coming in for the firsttime.In terms of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), specifically at Red Rocks Community College there are plansof study for all career and technical programs and within each of these PLA opportunities are specificallycalled out and highlighted for the student’s benefit and use. Also, at Portland Community College, thecounseling and advising offices provide lists to students with give an overview of the PLA policies at thepost-secondary (2 and 4 year colleges) institutions in the region. This has proven to be very helpful forthe student so that they aren’t getting PLA credits at one institution with ambitions of transferring, onlyto have that credit unable to transfer.Nancy Carlson at Red Rocks:Topic: Resources to Make Your Job Easier -What is your best resource? -What is your best assessment? -What else could you use?(What is best resource? Best Assessments?What else could you use?Discussion:Some good national resources to keep on your radar and use for reference—
  2. 2. College Café, clearing house of guidance information to help your students decide what they want tofocus on when they return to college - Ohio, there is a new job posting clearing house – OhioMeansJobs.comWe encourage other states to advocate for similar portals of localized employer job posting informationto help advise your students.Career Awareness Websites:BioOhioWorkforce.orgAarp.orgMymajors.comWiscareers.comAssessments: Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) used now in HS in Colorado. This is a cohort of students from high school to the community college level – they will see the first cohort of seniors coming out with the ICAP in 2014. This develops a comprehensive career pathway plan for the students from the time of high school all the way through post-secondary. Many colleges use the STRONG Inventory Self-directed searches are used by most collegesWhat Other Tool would be Useful? :It was suggested that there should be a tool or mechanism in place at the community college level tobetter engage faculty to draw upon and capitalize on their experiences and career path. This expertisecould be better utilized within the counseling and guidance aspect of student intake.Current labor market information seems to be of interest and need for all colleges. In North Dakotauses a labor market analysis tool that pulls very current information (data that represents the last twomonths). Below is a link to see their information.Online job openings report: - Select your data area from the scroll down box - The data areas consists of statewide and the Govenor’s Planning Regions - Govenor’s Planning Region Map: _ndrefmapplanregion.pdfState Labor Market Information Centers: