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Institutional presentation (ingles)

  1. 1. InstitutionalInstitutional ProfileProfile
  2. 2. Institutional ProfileInstitutional Profile The Chamber of Exporters of Santa Cruz - CADEX is a Bolivian non lucrative private institution, which represents to all the companies dedicated to the export activity of goods and services, established in the department of Santa Cruz and other regions of the country with no similar institutions. CADEX, was founded in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, on July 1st of 1.986, obtaining its legal and recognized certification on February of 1.987.
  3. 3. Our VisionOur Vision ““To be the leading institutionTo be the leading institution for the exporter sector,for the exporter sector, recognized at a national andrecognized at a national and international level, with theinternational level, with the capacity of influencing incapacity of influencing in national politics whichnational politics which contribute constantly in thecontribute constantly in the development, diversification,development, diversification, generation of added value andgeneration of added value and the conquer of internationalthe conquer of international markets of the Bolivianmarkets of the Bolivian exports”.exports”.
  4. 4. Our MissionOur Mission ““To bring competitiveTo bring competitive solutions for the developmentsolutions for the development of the Bolivian export sector”.of the Bolivian export sector”.
  5. 5. Our Quality PolicyOur Quality Policy “Satisfy the expectations of the export companies, bringing specialized services, developed by technical personal committed with quality, through the continuous improvement of procedures”.
  6. 6. Our Organization ValuesOur Organization Values Confidence and trustiness Transparency and ethics Equality Mystic and commitment Innovation Positive attitude and proactively Flexibility Opportunity Perseverance and tenacity Social Responsibility Dialogue capacity
  7. 7. CADEX is part of:CADEX is part of:
  8. 8. BOLIVIA SOCIOS COLOMBIA ECUADOR PERU Unidad Administradora COMISION EUROPEA Administración Contratante CADEX is part of:CADEX is part of:
  9. 9. CADEX is part of:CADEX is part of: Fundación Trabajo Empresa – FTE (Enterprise and Work Foundation, member of the Board). Federación de Empresarios Privados de Santa Cruz (Private Companies Federation of Santa Cruz). Federación de Empresarios Privados de Bolivia, (Private Companies Federation of Bolivia, through CANEB). Instituto Nacional de Comercio Exterior – IBCE, (Foreign Trade National Institute, member of the Board).
  10. 10. CADEX working for theCADEX working for the national export developmentnational export development
  11. 11. CADEX Export Promotion (2005 – 2012)CADEX Export Promotion (2005 – 2012) Approximately 160 Bolivian companies have participated in international trade fairs and commercial missions in: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, United States of America, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico. Business deals achieved: More than USD 30 millions Contact with: More than 800 Potential buyer companies of Bolivian products
  12. 12. Productive Export DevelopmentProductive Export Development
  13. 13. SMEs InternationalizationSMEs Internationalization
  14. 14. SMEs InternationalizationSMEs Internationalization With the Santa Cruz local Government, CADEX impulse the project denominated “MiPyme Exportadora” (SMEs Exporters), through this project, more than 1200 SMEs have received technical assistance in the last two years. With the Al Invest IV Program, CADEX has developed in the last two years, more than 160 specialized workshops for SMEs, headed to different sectors, based on the capacity improvement of SMEs.
  15. 15. Export Culture In 2009, CADEX founded “The Entrepreneurship and Export Education Center – CEFEX (by its name in Spanish) that has the mission of training human resources, in short specialized programs in foreign business, with a practical oriented method, that is provided by the exporters. Since CEFEX has being giving training, CEFEX has formed more than 300 people in their programs.
  16. 16. Logistics and International TransportLogistics and International Transport
  17. 17. Improvement of Internal Capacities
  18. 18. ““Thank you very muchThank you very much for your attention”for your attention”