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A brief on factory act


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It contain basic understanding of factories act

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A brief on factory act

  1. 1. A Brief on Factory Act - 1948 More beneficial for 1- Internal Auditor 2- CS (Executive student) By CA Anshul Singhal
  2. 2. Objective and Scope Regulating Labour Factories Areas cover India J& K Also Objective Ensure safety measure Promote health and welfare of factory worker
  3. 3. Applicability of factory Act Factory Building Precincts (A area enclosed by walls) Factory If use power: 10 or more worker during any day. If not use power: 20 or more worker during any day.
  4. 4. Who is worker ? Pre condition Employer can control the work as well as manner in which work to be done Employee through some agency Are employee if there is contract Independent directors or partner are not worker. He should be work for manufacturin g but includes People working in canteen Munim in a factory Remuneration not necessary, includes Apprentice Honorary worker Piece rate worker. Charitable worker.
  5. 5. Working Hours Year • 365 days 240 days • 1 leave allow for every 20 days/ 15 days (if child) 10 days • Compulsory 1 day leave 7 days • Minimum 1 day leave 48 Hrs • Maximum working hrs in a week 9 Hrs • Maximum W. Hrs for a day, after it O.T. 5 Hrs • Continuous working hours a time, after that minimum half hr break needed.
  6. 6. Officer for factories Act CG State Govt. If > 1000 worker Safety Officer If > 500 worker Welfare officer & Ambulance If > 250 worker Canteen Facility For every 150 worker, First aid required. Rest room & lunch room For every 30 woman worker Room for child below six month
  7. 7. NOTICES Inspector under factories Act (District Magistrate) Occupier (director if Company) Manager Appoints Use of premises as a factory Within 7 days Before 15 days, in case of resumption of seasonal factory – 30 days Application for extension Including state Govt for extensionCase 1: Approval not granted, deemed granted after 3 months Case 2: application rejected, can file appeal within 30 days
  8. 8. AGE UNDER FACTORIES ACT 18 Yrs15 Yrs14 Yrs Between 15 to 18 called Adult Child Not allow to work before 14 Yrs Penalty Rs. 1,000/- Needs to provide certificate of fitness (valid for 12 M) By certifying surgeon Max W. hrs 4.5 Hrs (if provided wrong penalty Rs 1000 + 2Month)
  9. 9. Maintenance of factory Washing of floor Once in week Colour wash In every 14 months All wooden shall be paint In every 5 Yrs. Drinking water Within 6 meter of washing place, urinals Hoists & Lifts should be examined Once in 6 month Lifting machines, chains should be examined Once in 12 month
  10. 10. Minimum requirement to follow Maximum voltage of portable electronic device inside chamber, pipe, flue etc 24 Volts
  11. 11. Site Appraisal Committees Chairman Chief inspector of state Who can not be member MCA member Member 1- Department of environment 2- Metrological department 3- Town planning department Responsible for Hazardous substance Make recommendation to state Within 90 days Occupier needs to intimate for hazardous Within 30 days
  12. 12. Inquiry Committee • Advisory in nature • One chairman and two member • Central Government Power to appoint Inquiry Committee Constitution Nature of recommendation
  13. 13. THANKING YOU CA Anshul Singhal (BCOM, MBA, MIMA, ACA, DISA) D-18, 1st floor, Shakarpur Delhi -92 PN. 8505975170