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Enyonam dzide mobile data collection needs


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Enyonam dzide mobile data collection needs

  1. 1. Enyonam DzideSoftware Product Design and Development Nii Okai Quaye Independent Software Developer (Free and Open Source Software)
  2. 2. Mobile Data Collection Introduction  Data Collection  mHealth ChildCount plus Rural Medical Laboratory Services Data collection needs
  3. 3. Introduction – Data collection Data collection Basic activity in programs and projects for purposes of  Planning  Decision making  Work  Monitoring and evaluation Traditionally, manual and paper based.  Error prone  Costly and time consuming  Data is usually not captured in real-time. Need to automate  Web and mobile based solutions.
  4. 4. Introduction - mHealth It is the application of mobile technology and multimedia in the delivery of public health services.  Relevant in both industrialized and developing countries. How to acquire, transport, store, process, and secure the raw and processed data to deliver meaningful results. With the rise in the availability of handsets it offers health care access to people in rural areas.  Especially by challenging the constraints of health professional patient ratio  Education and awareness  By offering helplines  Remote monitoring and data collection
  5. 5. mHealth Applications Native app  Application sits on phone and uses phones resources (Android, IOS)  CommCare (Java) SMS based  ChildCount+  Most common denominator delivery medium  Allows for both low budget phones and sophisticated  Allows for some structured and formatted input Web and mobile web  This relies on data or internet  Coupled with a server side component
  6. 6. mHealth Applications Voice Apps  Mostly seen in the form of interactive voice apps  Where voice prompts are used as input medium  Good for highly illiterate areas  also for anonymous services for culturally and socially sensitive setting  eg STD counseling  May also be one directional broadcasts where information of various kinds are sent en mass to individuals at the same time
  7. 7. ChildCount + Millennium Villages project Maternal and child welfare Field based community health workers SMS based data collection Based on RapidSMS Registration of Children under five and pregnant women Monitoring Malnutrition (MUAC) RDT (malaria) Analytics Community Health Worker CHW household visits Currently deployed  Deployed in MVP Site at Bonsaaso  Second village in the SADA enclave
  8. 8. Medical Laboratory Service Clinics established in remote areas serviced by one lab Delayed results and diagnosis because of long distances. Use SMS to request results. Desktop Clinic with lab modules Childcount+ intermediary servers OpenMRS medical records
  9. 9. Needs Analysis Automated mobile based data collection Transmission medium Dynamic form creation  Xforms  SMS/Keyword based form Data integrity and quality of data  Constraints  Skip logic  Cheaper and faster Design with analysis and reports in mind Web based administration and reporting